Materials that You Should Opt for When Building a Staircase

January 15, 2019
solid wooden stairs with elegant glass balustrade

Building a house is a significant investment, so you need to get everything right, including your staircase design ideas. While the staircase might seem like a small part of your house, a design with a high aesthetic value significantly affects the value of the home. Fortunately, modern architecture has graced homeowners with myriads of plans they can choose from.

You should know that one of the factors that should affect your choice is your staircase material. The material of choice need not only be cost-friendly and readily available; it should also suit the staircase design. That said, here are some common staircase materials:


This is the most famous staircase material. Its popularity is attributable to its ability to take any shape you want for your stairs. The most common staircase designs that utilise concrete are spiral and curved staircases. However, you should note that your staircase might not have much aesthetic value when made out of concrete.


Wood should be the material of choice for those hoping for a stylish look for their staircase. Its most significant advantage is its ability to blend seamlessly with interior designs, such as rustic and contemporary. Wood should be used where space is limited and by those looking to match their wooden interiors.

White floating staircase design with the wooden background


If you want your house to have a modern look, glass is the best material for your staircase. It not only adds to the contemporary look but it also brings luxury and class. While glass can be considered a delicate material, you should know that improvements in technology have led to the creation of sturdy glass. Its only disadvantage is the high maintenance cost.


Despite its many disadvantages, metal remains one of the ideal materials to use for staircases in enclosed spaces. It is also a suitable material for stairs built in areas with limited space. In the case you opt for this material, you should ensure that you find ways to prevent it from corroding and rusting. You can do this by examing the insulation level of your home or building. Leaks during bad weather can encourage mould growth and corrosion.


Stone happens to be as popular as concrete when it comes to its utilisation in building staircases. The most significant advantage that rock has to offer is a variation in colour and texture. It is also important to note that stone can be carved into your desired shape. Some of the common types of rocks used to build staircases are granite and marble. Stone makes a suitable material for stairs leading into a garden area or entryway.

In the end, when choosing the material for your staircase, you should seek the help of your building contractor. They should assist you in choosing the type of stairs that you need. Some of the modern kinds of staircases include the floating staircase, L-shaped stairs, and U-shaped stairs. If you want to get excellent service, choose a contractor who has experience in building exceptional homes that include staircases.

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