Make Your Overnight Guests Feel Welcome with These House Prep Tips

August 18, 2021
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Homeowners often make adjustments to their living spaces for improved aesthetic, comfort, and functionality. Who doesn’t want to feel homey in their own living space, right? But if you have relatives or friends coming over for an overnight stay, you’ll need to do more than just sweeping the floor or changing the sheets. You’d want to make your guests feel at ease and welcome when staying with you.

Preparing your home for overnight guests can be a lot of work. But if you want to give them an amazing stay the prep tasks can both be hard work and fun. Not sure where to start? Here’s a list of the top things you need to do to prepare your space for your lovely guests:

1. Start with the guestroom

The first area you want to focus on is the room where your guests will be sleeping. If you don’t have a spare room, you can turn the living room into a sleeping area or boot the kid out for his room for the night. When preparing the guestroom, start by putting on fresh and clean pillowcases and sheets. In case the night gets chilly, have some extra blankets and pillows ready. Also, give your guests some space to unpack or place their things. You can empty a closet and place some hangers.

For an extra touch, you can fill up an old nightstand or bedside table with tissues, an alarm clock, or fresh flowers on a vase. You can also stack some books or magazines that they can read in their free time.

2. Perform deep cleaning

Sweeping the floor and dusting the surfaces might be part of your daily routine. But when was the last time you perform a deep cleaning? A spotless and healthy home is necessary to make your overnight guests feel relaxed and comfortable. If it’s been a while since the house has been deep cleaned and you have limited time to prepare, seek the assistance of spring cleaning service providers. They can cover both the interior areas and exterior parts of the house, from vacuuming the carpets and sofa to sanitizing touch areas such as light switches and door handles.

You can still take part in the cleaning if you want. You take over the master’s bedroom or any private spaces in the house instead of the cleaners.

3. Prep bathroom essentials

Bathroom essentials should be on your top priority list when preparing the house. Have extra rolls of toilet paper where guests can easily see it. They should also have their own clean hand, face, and bath towels to use. As for the toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toothpaste, placing travel-sized ones is a great idea. If you have your ladies staying for the night, prepare some extra hygiene products in case they forget theirs.

bathroom essentials

You’d also want to remove your personal towels in case you don’t have a separate bathroom for the guests. Keep the bathroom tidy and clean so your relatives or friends will feel comfortable using it.

4. Stock up your kitchen

Moving on to the kitchen, stock it up! Check the fridge to see what beverages or snacks you might need to add. Get ones that your guests will love. You want your guests to have something to munch on when they get hungry. You’d also want to have an easy-to-prepare breakfast like avocados, bacon, and eggs, or some snack options like yogurt and berries, Mexican beer, and cheese and crackers.

Or, better yet, make a coffee station for early risers. If you don’t want to rush on preparing meals for the guests, you can prep a breakfast casserole the night before. Don’t forget to also ask every guest for food allergies or specific dietary requirements so you can serve better meals or food.

5. Double-check the details

Lastly, check the small details in your house that are usually ignored in your routine house cleaning. Check the power plugs, ceiling fans or the AC, and lamps if they are working, especially the ones in the guestroom. You can also be more thoughtful and set up nightlights in the hallway so the guests can easily navigate around the house during sleeping time. Other things to check include the thermostat, guest flashlights, and TV. Be sure they also get the password for your WiFi.

Prepping your home doesn’t necessarily have to be a daunting task, especially if you know what to do. Also, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. Ask help to get everything done on time. Follow these house prep tips to create a fun and memorable stay for your overnight guests.

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