Home Improvement Tips to Make Your House Child-friendly

May 14, 2022
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When you have children, your home suddenly becomes a playground. Kids are naturally curious and want to explore everything they can get their hands on. One wrong move, and they could end up hurting themselves.

And as a busy adult, you will not always have the time to keep an eye on them 24/7. You have work, errands to run, and a life to live outside of being a full-time babysitter. That’s why it’s essential to take some time to childproof your home before they start crawling and climbing around.

Here are a few easy tips to make your home more child-friendly:

Cover up any sharp corners.

If you have young kids running around your house, it’s vital to ensure that your home is as safe as possible. That means covering up any sharp corners. You can use corner guards, which are easy to install and help protect your little ones from bumps and bruises. You can also put foam padding on hard surfaces, such as coffee tables or countertops.

Another tip is to anchor furniture to the wall. This will prevent it from tipping over if your kids pull on it or climb on it. By taking these simple steps, you can help create a safe environment for your children to enjoy.

Put locks on cabinets and drawers.

One way to help child-proof your home is to install locks on cabinets and drawers. This will help to keep curious hands from getting into potentially dangerous items, like knives or cleaning supplies. And if you have young children, it’s also a good idea to put locks on low cabinets and drawers so they can’t pull them open and hurt themselves. With a few simple locks, you can help to make your home a little bit safer for your kids.

Give them a designated playroom.

If you have young children, you know that they can turn your entire house upside down in minutes. It can be hard to keep up with their energy and constant entertainment needs. One way to help contain the madness is to create a designated playroom. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy a bunch of new toys, although a few well-chosen items can go a long way.

baby girl playingYou can also use items that you already have, such as repurposing an unused closet into a play space. Once you have a designated playroom, shiplap panel it to be child-friendly and fun. Add some colorful bean bag chairs, rugs, and storage baskets filled with toys. This will give your children their own space to play in, and it will help keep the rest of your house sane.

Install gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.

One area that you’ll want to pay special attention to is the stairs. It’s essential to install gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent falling down. You should also make sure that any loose items are securely fastened to not be pulled down on top of a child. And finally, it’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on kids when they’re climbing stairs, just in case they need some help. By taking these simple steps, you can help create a safe and child-friendly home.

Keep poisonous products out of reach.

Start with your cleaning supplies; many of us keep these under the kitchen sink, but little ones will look. Instead, find a higher cabinet to store them in or keep them in their original containers with the child-proof lid. If you have products that need to be kept in the open, make sure they’re high and out of reach. The same goes for any medications you might have around the house; always keep them locked up and away from curious kids. Beyond that, just take a look around your home from a child’s perspective and identify any potential hazards.

Cover electrical outlets.

Protecting your little ones from potential hazards is crucial to keeping them safe. One easy way to childproof your home is to cover electrical outlets. This will prevent curious kids from sticking their fingers or other objects into the outlets and risking electrocution. You can find outlet covers at most hardware stores, and they are relatively easy to install.

Final thoughts

Making your home child-proof doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By taking some simple precautions, you can help create a safe and welcoming environment. As you can see, there are many easy ways to child-proof your home from installing locks on cabinets and drawers to creating a designated play space. And by taking these steps, you can help keep your kids safe from harm.

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