Look Around: Your Community Is Telling You What It Wants

January 17, 2019
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One quick stroll around the block may give you an idea for a business opportunity with great chances of success. They say it’s important to take inspiration from your surroundings, and that’s exactly what you should do.

While looking around, pay attention to the following:


Specifically, look at the state of the houses in the neighborhood. They might be desperately asking for a fresh coat of paint but because no existing business nearby caters to them, they have remained in dismal condition for some time now. Paint franchise opportunities can help you cater to their needs while building a good business for yourself. What about the roofs and gutters? If they, too, need attention and immediate repair in most houses you’ve encountered, opening a roof and gutter repair business might just be the best thing you’ll ever do for the local community. They’ll be thankful that finally, someone they can trust has come to solve their problem.



It’s not part of the physical structure of the house, but every property still has this bit to care for. If no one seems to have the time, or perhaps they struggle to keep their lawn healthy, offer either landscaping or artificial turf installation. It will be easy to market your business if you already have a well-kept lawn. Perhaps you’ve received praise for it before or many have complimented the hard work you put into caring for your own lawn. They will consider this as a stamp of the good quality you can provide.


A family stays indoors for home-cooked meals for two reasons: they use this as a way to bond with the family or there’s simply nowhere to go for a special dinner. If you notice that most restaurants are of the upscale and expensive variety, focus on opening one that will be more affordable. If there’s no option at all, you are free to go with anything as long as you consider the neighborhood in deciding. They may not have any other restaurant choice, but they do have home-cooked meals to fall back on. If you’re not able to offer good food quality that can surpass what they have at home, they simply won’t look at your business as worthy.

Entertainment Options

Any community needs places to unwind and enjoy with their loved ones. A movie house or a mall would be a beautiful addition, but if you cannot afford these options, go with something smaller but equally entertaining. What about an arcade to awaken nostalgia? An ice cream shop can be a popular destination for families on weekends. Everyone loves pizza and you can get this started with modest capital. If you still want to own a restaurant, hit two birds with one stone by offering board games along with the food. With a strong social media game and customer service, your business can be on top of the recommended places to visit in the community in no time.

It doesn’t take a genius to know what the community needs in its midst. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see the answer right in front of you.

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