Let Custom Signage Help You Grow Your Business

April 16, 2019
Restaurant arrow sign, black writing on white background, with ochre painted wall behind

It’s easy to overlook the value of having proper signage announcing the location of your store. More than just giving direction, a custom sign speaks for the quality of your range of products and services.

With the help of custom metal signs, Utah businesses are leaping miles ahead of the competition in lead generation. In addition to carrying a quality range of products, you need to remind the market of your presence. You also need to catch the attention of the people passing by as it can prompt them to pop in.

You need to recruit new customers each day while retaining the most the current ones to maintain steady cash flow for your business. Custom business signage helps you achieve this critical business goal with great ease.

Generate more leads

You’ll be happy to know that having a catchy sign is a proven way to draw new people to your store. A survey found that over 76 percent of American shoppers have been drawn into a new store by its sign. About 68 percent of these shoppers ended up buying an item after entering a store.

Custom business signage does more than announce your location. It’s instrumental in driving word-of-mouth advertising, too. Three out of four customers have directed a friend to a store they like based on its signage.

Sometimes, a prospect needs a little help in making a decision, and the quality of your signage might be just what they need. Almost 70 percent of consumers judge a store by the quality of its signs. They tend to believe that your store’s appearance signifies the quality of your services and products. That means that poorly done signage is likely to deter customers from coming into your store.

business signages

Tap into the power of impulse buying

Human beings are naturally inclined to making an impulse decision, and that happens when they are out shopping as well. You can tap into this need and have it work for your business. Over 84 percent of American shoppers have made impulse purchases during their regular run to the store. Placing complimentary items together is the best way to encourage customers to buy. For instance, in a clothing store, you can put belts near the suits and the ties near the dress shirts.

You can also map out a path that lets customers view most of the items you have in stock. Clear signage makes it easy for people to navigate through the store without getting lost or flustered. Such an approach lets you kill two birds with one stone. You get them to walk a predetermined path while making it relatively easy for them to navigate around the store.

Signages are useful business tools that can give you the much-needed edge on the market. It increases the visibility of your store to the target population, drawing in more foot traffic. High-quality signs not only bring people into your store but also attest to the quality of your products and services. They also help you harness the power of impulse buying to grow your sales.

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