Keeping Retail Space Renovation Within Your Budget

January 2, 2019

Renovation of retail space is not that different from renovating a house. It can be a different kind of property, but you still have similar elements, such as a bathroom, floors, walls, roof, and the driveway. Of course, retail space will interact with and welcome customers, which means that they should be done professionally.

That automatically means more expenses, but you can shave some of that burden if you don’t have to reschedule your contractors or have them work over an extended period. To finish the renovation in time, do the following things:

Set a Realistic Deadline

You can’t make a refurbishment be completed within a week if you want a lot of things done. It can be arranged if you’re having just one part renovated at a time, such as industrial parking lot paving. However, if it’s a total renovation, give contractors enough time to work. If they have to pull more manpower to finish the task or they have to pay workers overtime fees, that will cost you more.

At your first sit-down with your contractors, discuss the timeframe that you’re trying to work with and ask them how feasible it is. You can negotiate to tighten the schedule a little bit, but you can only ask for so much. Respect that contractors know how long the job will take, and them saying no to an unrealistic deadline means that they don’t want to compromise the quality of the renovation.

Know What You Want to Be Done

Drill and man working

Before renovations start, be sure about what you want the new place to look like. It’s retail space, which means that you should consider the needs of customers in designing it. Work with a professional to check that every detail you want is feasible. Be open to suggestions, and share your ideas. Try not to be impatient if your ideas get rejected; these people are working to help you get to a design that actually works. It’s their reputation and your store’s reputation on the line if the renovation looks terrible.

After everything has been finalized, that’s it. They are final. That means you cannot change your mind halfway through because you had a dream about a new style. This means the work that’s already been done up to that point won’t matter, and you might also have to spend on new materials. This also pushes back the completion date, as contractors will essentially have to start from scratch.

Contact Everyone Before the Renovation Begins

You need help with designing the new retail space; contact the right people. You need help with labor, so contact the right people. You also need help with interior design; your guy might already know someone, and you should set up an appointment with them as well. Don’t wait until one step is already done before you call the person for the next step. You’re following a schedule, while means that you should have an idea of when the next stage will be completed. Calling people in advance makes sure that they are free on the date you need them to start working.

A renovation of a commercial space needs to consider not just aesthetics. You need the space to be functional, but you don’t want it to cost beyond your budget. Thus, don’t rush into any decision.

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