Is Diamond Still the Hardest Material in the World?

June 3, 2019
close up picture of a diamond

Diamond is every woman’s best friend, so they say. This precious stone has been a popular option for engagement and wedding rings alike. For years, it has also been a symbol of wealth and status. However, there is more to diamonds than just being an expensive gem for accessories.

In recent years, diamond has been a popular material used in a lot of industries. In essence, it is a precious gem that is priced a hefty amount of cash. But unknown to many, it has its industrial purposes as well.

For one, diamond is used in various tools in Australia. Since it has been characterized as the hardest material in the world, it is not surprising that it serves different purposes when it comes to manufacturing. Often, these stones are forged into cutting tools. It is the main component in cutting a wide array of objects, ranging from glass to metal sheets.

Diamonds are almost unparalleled when it comes to hardness. As we are all aware, these precious stones are almost impossible to scratch. This is because of their resistance to various minerals, justified with a 10 in the Mohs scale.

In fact, diamond is so impenetrable that you need another diamond to cut it. Unfortunately, the problem is hardness refers to “scratch resistance” alone. And even on that aspect, diamond has also been dethroned. In terms of toughness and strength.

However, recent discoveries have proved that diamonds are no longer the hardest nor the toughest material known to humankind. There are other materials that are a lot stronger than our beloved stone.

Wurtzite Boron Nitride

This material is somehow similar to diamond. In structure, wurtzite boron nitride and diamond are somehow identical. This is why it is also used as an alternative to diamond in many industrial processes. Nevertheless, the distinct property of the former is that it is found to be 18% harder than the diamond itself. So, it is safe to say that diamond is no longer the hardest material in the world.


Osmium is a metal crystallite structure that is extremely dense in nature. It is a metallic chemical element that belongs to the platinum family. But unlike platinum, it is a tightly packed and compressed element that is extremely durable and hard.


Rough mineral stone of GraphiteThis single atomic layer of carbon is deemed to be the hardest, strongest and toughest material ever measured. Scientists even claim that no object can break through graphene even with the thickness of a Saran wrap alone. However, this material is actually synthesized in laboratories and is scarce in supply. But scientists have produced some sheets of this through the years.

In conclusion, diamond is now officially not the hardest material in the world. In general, there have been around four more materials discovered, other than the ones listed above, that are a lot tougher than it. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that it definitely is among the hardest, toughest and strongest materials known in the world. That fact will never change.

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