Essential Home Improvement Projects: Tips and Tricks for Increasing Your Property Value

April 5, 2023
woman in her home under renovation
  • Home improvement projects can improve your home’s value and living space, with an average ROI of 64%. 
  • Upgrading appliances, adding a kitchen island, and updating cabinets and countertops are all practical kitchen improvements.
  • Bathroom remodeling projects, like upgrading fixtures, adding a second bathroom, and replacing outdated tile for a modern and inviting look.
  • Landscaping is another excellent way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Adding trees and shrubs for added depth and dimension. 
  • Garage door replacement, painting, and other home improvement projects can also add value to your property.

When it comes to improving your home, it’s important to prioritize projects that will increase your property’s value. Homeowners often wonder which home improvement projects are worth their time and money. This article will explore essential house improvement projects, tips, and tricks to boost home value.

Home improvement projects are a great way to add value to your property and improve your living space. According to a study, the average ROI for home improvement projects is around 64%, with some projects providing a much higher ROI than others. For example, replacing your garage door has an average ROI of 94%, while adding a wooden deck has an average ROI of 75%.

Investing in home improvement projects not only adds value to your property but can also make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. With careful planning and research, homeowners can choose the right projects to improve their home’s value and create a space they love.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a significant selling point. Kitchen remodeling can increase your home’s value and attract potential buyers. Some essential kitchen improvements include:

Upgrading Appliances

Upgrading your appliances can enhance your kitchen’s functionality and give it a modern look. Stainless steel appliances are a popular choice among homeowners, as they add a sleek, contemporary touch to the kitchen.

Adding a Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island is another popular home improvement project that can add value to your home. A kitchen island provides extra counter space and storage and creates a focal point in the room. It can also improve the flow of your kitchen, making it a more functional space.

Updating Cabinets and Countertops

New cabinets and countertops can transform the look of your kitchen and add value to your home. Refacing your cabinets with a new veneer, for example, can give them a fresh look without the high cost of complete replacement. Upgrading your countertops can also enhance the look of your kitchen and add value to your home.

an elegant kitchen

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are another vital home area that can increase your property’s value. Here are some tips for a successful bathroom remodel:

Upgrading Fixtures

Upgrading fixtures is another great home improvement project that can add value to your property. Modernizing faucets, showerheads, and lighting in your bathroom can improve its functionality and give it a fresh look. For instance, installing a rainfall showerhead can create a spa-like experience that can enhance the appeal of your bathroom.

Adding a Second Bathroom

Adding a second bathroom is also a significant home improvement project that can add considerable value to your home. This is especially true if you have a large family or frequently entertain guests. Having an additional bathroom can significantly improve the functionality of your home, making it more convenient for occupants and increasing its value.

Replacing Outdated Tile

Replacing outdated bathroom tiles is another great home improvement project that can enhance the appeal of your property. Damaged or outdated tiles can make your bathroom look drab and uninviting. Replacing them with fresh new tiles can give your bathroom a fresh look and create a clean and modern aesthetic.

Moreover, adding a decorative tile accent can create a focal point in the room, adding a touch of personality and visual interest.

a clean white bathroom


Curb appeal is crucial when it comes to attracting potential buyers. A well-maintained yard can create a welcoming first impression. Here are some tips for improving your landscaping:

Adding Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs can add depth and dimension to your yard. They also provide shade and privacy, which can be a major selling point.

Creating a Low-Maintenance Landscape

Not everyone has a green thumb, so it’s crucial to create a low-maintenance landscape. Consider using native plants adapted to your climate and requiring minimal upkeep.

Garage Door Replacement

Replacing your garage door can improve your home’s curb appeal and add value. A new garage door can also improve energy efficiency and increase security. You can hire the help of trusted garage door services to ensure a high-quality finish. Professional installers or technicians have the equipment and expertise to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Adding Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It can also enhance your home’s security by illuminating dark areas around your property.

a suburban house


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home’s interior and exterior. Here are some tips for a successful paint job:

Choosing the Right Colors

Choosing the right colors for your home can significantly impact its value. Neutral colors, such as beige, gray, and white, are a safe bet for attracting potential buyers. They create a blank canvas that allows buyers to envision themselves in the space and helps make the room appear brighter and more prominent.

Preparing the Surface

Before starting any painting project, preparing the surface properly is important. This includes cleaning the surface to remove dirt, dust, or debris, sanding to smooth out imperfections or rough spots, and priming the surface to create a smooth and even base for the paint. Proper surface preparation is crucial for a long-lasting finish that looks great and adds value to your home.

Selecting the Type of Finishing Paint

When choosing a paint type, it’s vital to consider the room’s function and the amount of traffic it receives. For example, high-traffic areas such as hallways, entryways, and kitchens may require a more durable paint finish that can withstand frequent cleaning and wear and tear. On the other hand, bedrooms and living areas may benefit from a more matte or satin finish for a softer, more inviting look.

Investing in home improvement projects can be a smart way to increase your home’s value. By focusing on suitable projects, you can see a significant return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.

a couple painting a wall

It’s clear that investing in home improvement projects can be a great way to increase your property’s value. Whether you invest in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, landscaping, or painting—there are many ways to add value and improve the look of your home. Consider researching which projects will give you the highest ROI before getting started on any project to get the most out of it when selling. With careful planning and research, homeowners can use these tips and tricks to boost their home values for years to come!

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