Spruce Up: Ways to Improve the Ambiance of Your Restaurant

August 22, 2021
restaurant ambiance

The success of a business is contingent upon food and service quality. However, one factor in the profitability of a restaurant is overlooked, and that is the ambiance. The ambiance is the character, mood, or atmosphere of a restaurant. It influences customer satisfaction and retention. Besides, a good ambiance can boost your restaurant’s popularity.

To ensure that your customers come back to your restaurant, here are a few tips on improving your restaurant’s ambiance.

1. Light fixtures

Choose the proper lighting for your restaurant. Do not choose overly bright light fixtures if you’re going for a cozy atmosphere. Pick atypical yet subtle designs to grab your customers’ attention. Look for lighting professionals who can recommend the best commercial interior lighting for your restaurant.

2. Candles

Candles also set the mood for date nights; they make the atmosphere relaxing, intimate, and romantic. Candles also add warmth to the place, which is excellent in colder seasons.

3. Essential Oil

Aside from aesthetic appeal, an invigorating aroma can also make a positive impression on your customers. Choose versatile scents, such as lavender. However, overpowering scents like citrus are not recommended in a restaurant setting.  The appropriate type and intensity of aroma are essential for creating a good atmosphere in restaurants and cafes.

Essential oils also have numerous health benefits, and each of them has an extraordinary impact on the body and mind. As soon as the scent is diffused into the air, it promotes a positive environment that calms customers and stimulates their taste buds.

4. Walls

fancy restaurant

Repainting the walls or changing the wallpaper can drastically improve your restaurant’s ambiance. You can change the wall decors or design a statement wall.

If you do not want to paint your walls, wallpaper is an excellent alternative. There are some timeless wallpaper patterns that suit everyone’s taste. When searching for a suitable wallpaper for your restaurant, make sure that it is easy to maintain after application.

5. Furniture

The tables and chairs are the most important interior features of your restaurant. Comfort is of the essence, so you should be meticulous about the quality of your furniture. Also, your furniture should blend with your theme. Having a uniform look for the furniture pieces is excellent if you’re into modern design.

6. Tablecloths and curtains

If you are satisfied with the wall design, you can change your tablecloths and curtains instead. You can add color and character to your restaurant’s ambiance with new table cloths and curtains without going through the hassle of renovating the walls.

7. Music

What your customers hear while they dine can affect their appetite, so you should play the right music. Use music that complements your theme. For example, you should not play rock music if you are running a family restaurant. For cafes, lounge music, jazz, and bossa nova are preferable.

Delectable food combined with good tunes helps release happy hormones. Remember that customer satisfaction is essential for any successful restaurant.

8. Decors


Unique decorations also improve the overall mood of your space. Decorations should not be limited to throw pillows, centerpieces, or wall statues. Paintings can also help set the atmosphere of your restaurant.

The appropriate decor is essential for the overall theme; it helps your restaurant stand out from the rest. Without a doubt, the right aesthetic for your restaurant significantly contributes to your restaurant’s success, so let your creative juices flow when you are creating a decorating plan. All interior features must be carefully planned, including the decorations, floral arrangements, cutlery and crockery, and napkins.

9. Arrangement

Before you finalize your concept, you should reassess your restaurant’s layout. The seating depends on space availability. Estimate the number of people you can accommodate at one time and make sure that there is enough space for your staff to move between the tables. If your restaurant is spacious, you can add booths for larger groups.

10. Dinnerware

In the restaurant industry, food presentation is essential. You should consider the color of the plate for your food presentation. Chefs prefer white because it brings out the colors of the food.

Keep in mind that customers are more likely to try a dish if it is presented in an appealing manner. People eat with their senses; their perception starts with what they see and smell. Moreover, your plating or food preparation can help increase your social media following.

Improving your restaurant does not have to cost a lot. You can improve your restaurant’s overall atmosphere without breaking the bank with these ten tips. All you need is an artistic eye and resourcefulness.

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