If Video Game Characters Held Real Life Jobs: A What-If Feature

December 23, 2019
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We all grew up playing video games, or at least most of us are familiar with the iconic characters. They brought hours of fun and joy to us as kids. But, reality bit and we all grew up.

Life happened. We grew up. Graduated from university. Got jobs. We became adults.

But have you ever wondered what your favorite video game characters would be like if they held regular 9 to 5s just like the rest of us? Let’s go on a what-if journey and see how some of our all-time favorite characters would end up in the real world.

Video Game Icons in Regular Jobs

1. Mario from Super Mario Bros.

Job: Plumbing Specialist

Mario’s love for plumbing and everything sewage makes him an ideal candidate for a full-time job the best plumber in Salt Lake City.

Years of expertise and extensive knowledge on toilet repairs, installation of pipes and drains, sewer line cleaning, and other related plumbing works have given him a wide client base in Utah, which eventually led him to open his own trusted home service company in the Beehive State.

The company has been very successful that it led to branching out on the west coast where his brother, Luigi, is in charge of operations.

2. Solid Snake from Metal Gear series

Job: Telesales Marketer

man playing video gamesFrom all those years of doing high-level and intense espionage work, Solid Snake has since turned his back to his former line of work and decided to pursue a quiet and normal life as a telemarketer.

All those years of yakking on his Codec, talking and arguing to different characters and personalities, both allies and enemies, have given him invaluable skills as a communicator.

His ability to answer questions and statements with another question has proven invaluable to his simple job as a telesales marketer which has continually earned him hefty paychecks year in and year out.

3. Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider Series

Job: Archaeologist

As the catalyst for strong female lead video game characters, Lara Croft continued to live her life as an archaeologist or tomb raider going on different archaeological sites (and adventures) all around the world.

She is also a spokeswoman for the United Nations and its ambassador for women empowerment. She goes on public appearances and speaking engagements addressing women’s rights and equality concerns in different parts of the world.

4. Dante from Devil May Cry

Job: Fulltime Pastor

Dante is pretty much the Deadpool of video games, only he’s out to hunt demons. In real life, he would be a wisecracking, street smart pastor out to rescue souls from the devil.

His wit, charm, and sense of humor will fill in church pews wherever he gets invited to speak. He would probably build and establish the biggest mega-church in the whole United States. Think of him as an extremely cool version of Billy Graham.

5. Steve from Minecraft

Job: Product Endorser/Businessman

Minecraft has sold over 170 million copies on several different platforms. Steve’s face is all over those copies sold. This makes him the perfect product endorser that the regular Joe can relate to. Not a superstar, celebrity endorser, but a real average-looking person.

His success and business exposure as a product endorser has given him insight on running a business empire. He eventually graduates from endorser to mogul as he pursued masters and doctorate degrees in business management and economics.

6. Donald Duck and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts

Jobs: Security Consultants

The two-thirds of the iconic Kingdom Hearts team of Donald-Goofy-and-Sora have put up their own private security company after years of employing their services as top bodyguards to VIPs.

Goofy and Donald Duck seriously considered a life of providing security services after their successful stint as protectors of the keyblade wielder, Sora. They have since parted ways with Sora as good friends but still keeps in touch regularly via email and social media.

It’s nice to take a break now and then and let our imaginations run wild again just like when we were kids. While we will never see these characters come to life, knowing that they will be faced with the same struggles and successes we face daily somehow gives us some sense of comfort and joy especially when they succeed. Even in real life, we still root for them to win.

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