How to Prepare Your Home for an Open House

May 19, 2020

When your home enters the property market, your real estate agent will likely recommend you to host an open house. This is standard practice in the industry as it increases buyer traffic towards your listing. As its name suggests, an open house opens your doors to potential buyers, so they get a firsthand look.

Make a good and lasting impression on potential buyers by preparing your home accordingly. Here's how to stage your property for an open house:

Get rid of clutter

You want to make a good impression with your open house. Clutter is a significant distraction that will keep potential buyers from focusing on your home’s features. Tidy up all the rooms that are open for viewing. Make the beds, store freshly laundered clothes, and keep the sink clear of unwashed dishes before your open house.

Clean the whole property

Make sure your property is spotless for the open house. Aside from getting rid of clutter, you should make sure there aren’t any stains on the carpet, dust bunnies behind shelves, and unsightly messes outside. If you don’t have the time to do this, consider hiring a professional. Whether it’s a patio-cleaning service or a gardening service, these professionals will help you stage your property.

Keep personal items in storage

During an open house, potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the property. Personal items, such as family photos, distract them from this fantasy. Although you don’t have to get rid of every piece, you should keep some of them in storage for the open house.

Remove excess furniture

When a room has several furniture pieces, it can look and feel smaller than it is. Keep furnishings at a bare minimum to keep rooms spacious and clear of personal memorabilia. Additionally, consider removing items that are not included in the sale. Some homeowners sell their furniture along with the property. Avoid awkward situations by keeping things such as your dishwasher in storage.

Make necessary repairs

Your potential buyers will be looking at your home with a critical eye. If they see anything that needs repairing, they will likely use that against the property. By making the necessary repairs at least a month before the open house, you can address all the problems that need fixing. These can range from applying a fresh coat of paint to patching any holes and cracks in the walls.

Prepare refreshments

You want to create a friendly atmosphere during the open house. If you’re staying, dress up a bit for the potential buyers and their real estate agents. Prepare light snacks, like biscuits and tea sandwiches, and drinks for them to enjoy while browsing your home.

In the end, remember that staging an open house takes a significant amount of time and energy. But all of it is necessary to make sure potential buyers see your property in the best light. Rather than thinking of all the work it entails, turn your attention towards the rewards of selling the property.

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