Hard Cleaning: How to Get Grime and Mold Out of Your Home

August 10, 2021
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Grime and mold are the most common enemies of American homes, especially in humid states like Florida and Seattle. So being able to protect your home from these things should be your number one priority. However, removing grime, gunk, and mold isn’t easy, primarily if they have settled into your home. Worse, they present health and environmental hazards.

Mold is a common fungus present in many American homes. They grow when left unchecked and continue to infest the walls of any home. Unfortunately, they can also affect the structural integrity, damaging supporting beams and load-bearing walls in the process. Unfortunately, they are also the worse when it comes to damaging interior design, as it only takes a small amount of mold to destroy wallpapers and paint that you’ve worked hard to do.

Grime is dirt that has been left for too long. In addition, in humid and moist areas like the bathroom, grime can easily turn into gunk, a nastier version of grime that has accumulated all sorts of debris from your body. Both of these things can present serious hazards to people living in your home.

For example, mold has been known to trigger allergies in children, while grime can lead to people slipping inside bathrooms and garages. It can be quite complicated to remove these things from our homes, especially if they have been there for quite some time. But it isn’t impossible.

Good ‘Ol Scrubbing

A good old scrub can do the trick when combating crime, especially if the grime is less than three months old. Have a lot of soap, mix it with some water, put it all inside a bucket, and get scrubbing. Ensure the scrub you are using is a heavy-duty scrub, which will help speed up the process.

Scrubbing can be seriously hard work, but this is the best option if you don’t want to spend too much money cleaning out grime. But for grime that has been around for quite some time, we recommend the next option.

Invest in a Pressure Washer

The number one enemy of both mold and grime is a pressure washer. Both of these things stick on any surface and can be very difficult to remove once they have made that place their home. But some good pressure washing can take them off any surface and prevent them from coming back.

This is a fairly easy process as well, as you only need to point and shoot. However, there are some instances when mold and grime can’t seem to come off. For these extreme situations, consider mixing some soap into the water of your pressure washer. That should clean off any grime and mold stuck on any surface.

Utilizing Nature’s Acid

One of the things you don’t want to do is combat mold with toxic materials. This will lead to more problems for your family than it will actually solve. The best way you can get rid of mold is by utilizing natural acids. There are many natural acids you can use to combat mold. One of them is vinegar.

Vinegar is a common cooking ingredient in every household, but aside from cooking, it has many other uses, too, such as disinfecting surfaces and killing mold. For example, filling a spray bottle with undiluted vinegar and spraying any surfaces with mold on it can quickly kill them, and with a good wipe, that surface should look new again. Another natural acid that can kill mold is lemon.

Lemon is a great antiseptic and deodorizer, which makes it a great cleaning ingredient. Put some lemon juice in water, apply it on the surface with mold, wait for five minutes and wipe the surface clean. It’s that easy.

Tips for Reducing Mold and Grime

Now that we’ve taught you ways to remove mold and grime from your home, here are some tips to help you prevent them from coming back:

  • Have more light in dark areas in your home.
  • Clean dirt and dust the moment you see them.
  • Mop the floor of your bathroom the moment you are done.
  • Utilize dehumidifiers to keep mold out of your home.
  • Fix any leakages.

These tips are simple to do but hard to maintain. The key to this is to be consistent. If you aren’t consistent with these prevention tactics, mold and grime will surely grow in your home. Know that it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to grow in the right conditions. Keep that in mind, and you should be motivated to keep your home mold-free.

It can be tough to remove mold and grime that has been around for many months. That’s why it’s better to prevent them from growing. Follow the tips we’ve given you to reduce mold and grime, and clean them out whenever you can. In this way, you can keep your home clean from these invaders.

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