For Leaky Pipes, Choose Between Drain Re-lining or Replacement

January 8, 2019

Over 15 billion litres of water go through mazes of pipes in the UK every day. A small leakage, on the other hand, might be all it needs to contaminate these.

A 2015 Sheffield University study revealed that a leaky pipe does two things to water flow. First, the high pressure forces the water out of the tube. It means that there could be less amount of the resource that reaches homes and commercial establishments. The same pipe, though, could also suck in dirty water. In turn, it could increase the risk of contamination, which could pose health hazards to consumers.

It’s no longer a question what to do with a pipe leakage. It needs repair as soon as possible. The problem is, what kind of procedure should one undertake? There are different options, but two of the popular ones are drain re-lining and drain replacement.

What Is Drain Re-lining?

For most people, replacing the drain pipe involves digging a hole to access the damaged area and replace the line. This is the best long-term solution, but it can also be costly and time-consuming. Some damages might be less severe, which makes this strategy unnecessary. Un-Block, a drain repair service in Coventry, offers drain re-lining.

Pipe drain being fixed

The concept of drain re-lining is simple. Experts introduce a new line of pipe inside the existing one, which will then serve numerous benefits. First, it can provide additional support to the existing pipe and prevent further cracks and damages. It also seals the leak fast. It can also reduce the friction of the path water travels to, so it can boost the flow.

In the actual process, a team of specialists introduces a camera to the suspected damaged pipe to determine the exact location of the leak and assess the severity of the condition. If pipe re-lining is possible, it then threads a resin-coated lining into the pipe via an airbag shaped like the existing pipe. The team inflates the bag, allowing the new lining to bond with the old one.

What Is Drain Replacement?

Drain replacement can cost a lot of money. First, it needs more people to work on the problem. Most plumbers charge by the hour. It might also entail closing sections of the public roads or damaging curbs, gardens, and other landscaped areas. These will need additional funding to repair.

Drain replacement, though, might be the only viable solution when the hole of the pipe is already large and the leak is severe. It can cost so much today, but the solution can last longer than the effects of drain re-lining. This is because a drain re-lining only improves the structural integrity of the existing pipe, delaying its further damage. There’s no guarantee the same issue won’t happen again.

Leaky pipes need an immediate resolution, and knowing these two popular fixes can help one come up with the best decision. Needless to say, it’s essential to consider many factors. These include the budget, degree of the problem, level of urgency, and personal preference.

Anyone who has issues with pipes should consult professionals if they want a long-term, value-for-money option.

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