Five Challenges Associated with SPF Roofing

February 19, 2019
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Each type of roofing has its pros and cons, and SPF is no exemption. Here are five problems and situations when you need help from a roofing contractor.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is an excellent roofing material because of its energy efficiency and improved comfort. It provides great insulation and waterproofing properties to many commercial facilities. It has a life expectancy of 30 years and can stand against snow, hail, and high winds. This type of roofing is environmentally friendly and easy to install, as well.

In Ogden, Utah, many commercial roofing companies know there is no such thing as an absolute perfect roof. Each roofing material has its pros and cons, and SPF is no exemption. While it is a popular roofing material, there are instances when the roof also fails. This is why contractors have maintenance teams to provide property owners with the necessary help whenever a problem associated with SPF roofing emerges. Here are five examples of problems and situations an experienced roofing team can help you with.

Installation Cost

Installation costs vary depending on a few factors such as the size of your roof, the complexity of the job required, and in some cases, which roofing company you hire. On the average though, you’ll have to prepare at least $3,500. But again, depending on other factors, it could go as high as $15,000. It may help to go for a licensed contractor who understands your needs and is willing to negotiate for the price . Another wise move is to insist on material and labor warranties to make sure it’s a good deal.


SPF roofing’s resistance to damage and punctures can sometimes be limited. Its top silicone layer is likely to wear eventually because of its continuous exposure to weather elements. Your random inspections will easily detect punctures or other damage. When you notice such, inform your contractor and ask for a repair service. The warranties may also come into play here, so talk to your contractor immediately.

Maintenance Cost

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather conditions can cause damage to your SPF roof, but even in their absence, it’s important to check your roof regularly. If you notice punctures or any potential damage early on, you have the chance to prevent leakages into your property. A well-trained installer can help you choose the best SPF variety and outline the safety precautions you need to take to minimize maintenance cost. Check out the contractor’s credentials and certifications from reputable organizations to ensure reasonably priced service and quality materials.

Installation Limitations

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An SPF roofing system has great wind resistance because its installation process does not require strips, fasteners or battens. However, the spraying technique used for installation can be a little limiting in terms of when to do the job. As you can expect, installation requires warm and dry conditions that are free from wind. In other words, you may not have full control of when to install or repair the roof. With a good contractor, you can find a time that works well, or even reschedule the installation if necessary.

Overspray Possibility

Related to the weather issue, the potential of over spraying the SPF material is always a challenge. It may not be a serious health issue, but the nuisance caused can be problematic. An experienced contractor should help you prevent this by applying industry-approved practices in preventing over spraying.

Every roofing system has its problems, from installation to repairs. SPF, for instance, may require DIY quick fixes, but in most cases, professional help is necessary. That is what makes your choice of the contractor so critical, as the work does not stop at the last installation activity. The best commercial roofing contractors go with you all the way.

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