Safety from Accidents: How to Fireproof Your Home

September 29, 2021
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Fire is a disaster we’d like to avoid our entire lives. It’s a devastating force of nature that can have drastic consequences in a matter of seconds. It can also be hazardous to us and our families, and it can happen at any time if we don’t prepare for it.

It’s estimated that at least 1.2 million fires happen in the U.S. alone. It costs Americans at least $14 billion every year and the lives of at least 3,000 people. These are statistics we can’t dare to miss because of how devastating they look.

Fire is a disaster that can easily be prevented. Compared to natural disasters, which cannot be prevented, fire usually happens because of our carelessness. If you don’t want such a disaster to happen to your home, then you’re going to need to take these precautions.

Upgrading Your Electrical Systems

Faulty electrical systems are one of the leading reasons for residential fires every year. It’s also the most devastating, causing at least 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries annually. It can be hard for us to identify faulty wirings especially if we don’t know all things electrical. But experts believe that simple electrical upgrades can drastically reduce the chances of a fire happening inside our homes.

There are many ways we can upgrade the electrical systems in our homes. One of the most accessible upgrades is to your home’s electrical panel. Electrical panels are in charge of regulating electricity input in your home. When there’s too much electricity in the system, it’s responsible for shutting everything down so that your appliances won’t get damaged and your home is safe from any sparks.

Protection and regulation are essential for any electrical system. An upgraded electrical panel can make it more sensitive to power surges and implement safety protocols much more efficiently. Remember that old electrical panels can be a serious threat to your home than an old appliance. So make sure to get it upgraded.

Fixing Electrical Wires

Take a good survey of your home, and look for any exposed wires. This can be wires coming from appliances or general wiring for lights or other utilities in your home. If you see any exposed copper from these wires or if their covering has depreciated to the point that exposed wire can be seen, you must get them fixed.

An easy but temporary fix is to wrap some electrical tape around it, but make sure that all sorts of power are turned off beforehand. This is to avoid any sort of electrical injury. After you’ve implemented this fix, make sure to call your local electrician so they can fix the problem permanently.

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Get Rid of Dry and Dying Vegetation

The hot summers in the U.S. can be fatal, especially in states like California. Wildfires can certainly happen right outside your home, and that can quickly burn down your home.

Dry and dying vegetation can be a good source of fuel for any fire, and experts recommend that you should remove those immediately if you’re living near a wildfire-prone area. You can spot dry and dead vegetation by looking into its color. They tend to be brown and have a rough texture to them. You can’t miss those in your garden.

Once spotted, remove them immediately if you want to avoid them catching fire during the summer season.

Avoid Using Candles

We use candles for several reasons. Sometimes we use it for light during power outages. Sometimes we use scented candles to remove unwanted smells inside our homes. But candles are one of the main reasons for residential fires, and the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) discourages the use of candles.

If you must really use candles, make sure that you’re always keeping an eye out for them. Ensure that it’s close to flammable materials or surfaces. Also, ensure that you don’t let it consume the wax entirely. These are some necessary precautions if you really need to use candles inside your home.

Purchase an Anti-arson Letter Box

Lastly, you must get an anti-arson letterbox for your home. It’s estimated that there are about 13 arson cases for every 100,000 inhabitants in the U.S. It costs victims an average of $12,000 to repair such damage and medical treatment for injuries caused by such a crime. An arsonists’ favorite way to start a fire in people’s homes is through their exposed letter boxes.

If you want to prevent such a crime from burning your home down, you need to invest in an anti-arson letter and mailbox. These boxes contain any fire inside so that it won’t spread into your home and the surrounding area. It’s a good investment if you’re near a high crime rate area.

Here are ways you can fireproof your home. These are cheap and straightforward ways to do it, and it won’t take you over a day to implement all of them. Make sure to dedicate at least a day every year to do these precautions to your home.

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