Expert Advice: When Does Your Garage Door Need Repair?

February 27, 2019
Worker repairing the garage door

Garage doors play a significant role in homes. However, they may cause injuries especially if they are faulty. In fact, did you know that faulty garage doors cause an average of 10,580 injuries per year in the U.S.? A big number of homes owners do not pay enough attention to inspecting garage doors until they entirely break down. Faulty garage doors expose you, your family and also property to safety risks. That’s why it’s crucial to examine these garage doors whether you are from St. George, Utah or Los Angeles, California. So, what are some of the warning signs that you need to repair your garage doors?

Below are some of them:

The Door Makes Strange Noises

Do you notice any strange or abnormal noise from your garage doors? This is a common sign that it’s time to repair them. Excessive noise from your garage doors may be an indication that the opener or spring has a problem. Failure to repair this problem may lead to other issues. So, if you have been noticing this, it’s time for repair.

Your Door Takes Time to Respond

Observe the amount of time your door takes to respond after pressing the opener. If it takes longer than usual, it may indicate that the opener system has a problem that needs repair. The door needs to respond within three seconds after pressing the opener.

Unexpected Door Closures

Garage doors are heavy, making unexpected closure a considerable safety risk. If you have been noticing this problem, it’s time to get an expert for repair services.

Old Safety Features

A lot of improvement has been made to make sure that modern garages are safe. Modern garage doors have safety features such as manual controls, auto reverse, and motion detection among others. So, if you want to improve safety, consider getting these modern fixtures. Today, experts are fully committed to installing such fixtures to improve the safety of your garage doors.

Sagging Door Sections

Workers fixing the garage lifting systemOne way of checking if your garage door has sagging sections is by leaving it around midway. If the door rises or falls on its own, it may be a sign that the tension spring has a problem.

Rough Door Motion

If you notice that your garage door has excessive vibration, then it’s time for repair. This may be as a result of loose screws, loose hinges or problems with the roller.

Your House is Up for Sale

Of course, one way to increase the value of your property is by upgrading your garage. Renovate or improve your garage door system if it has been in use for a long time. Remember, modern garage doors will improve the appearance of your property and make it appear as a state-of-the-art garage design, which will attract more potential home buyers.

These are some of the signs that your garage doors need repair. Some signs may be difficult for you to notice. Therefore, it is important always to have your garage doors inspected by an expert. By doing this, it will be easier to repair small problems before they become complicated.

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