Emulating Elegance: A Guide to Remodeling Your Home Exterior

January 14, 2019

Home is where the heart is — it also gives a glimpse of the people living in it. So, the exterior has to emulate your personality and lifestyle. But how, exactly, do you make a house look elegant?

If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your Oxnard, CA home, now is a great time to do it. The year has just started, so a change in your home’s design aesthetic might motivate you to live better and achieve your year-long goals. Here are the different ways you can make your house look more sophisticated:

Use the Right Materials

Let’s tackle the practical side first: what materials are you using for your fences, gates, and balconies?

An Oxnard-based custom wrought iron designer suggests that you work with wrought iron. The material is tough and corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent choice for gates, balconies, and railings. It will enhance the safety and security of your home while improving its general aesthetic. The material is also easily welded, so it can accommodate whatever intricate details you may want for your balcony.

When remodeling your house exterior, think carefully about what material you will use for the fences, gates, balconies, and railings that guard your home from intruders and trespassers. Consider using wrought iron. In addition to boosting home safety and security, it also has an elegant appeal that compliments the overall design that you are going for.

Choose the Right Colors

House remodeling won’t be complete without a fresh coat of paint. Have you chosen the colors yet?

Home exterior paint colors are crucial to your remodeling project. It sets the mood and atmosphere. For instance, blue exteriors offer a lively yet traditional look while earthy colors will make your home look like a desert oasis. If you are going for an elegant aesthetic, then, consider painting with muted colors. This means using white, gray, and beige so that your house exterior looks crisp and classic.

beige home exterior

Take the White House for example. The mansion known as the President’s House is a neo-classically designed house that echoes classic Greek architecture. When you see it, either in person or in photos, you can’t help but admire how effortlessly elegant it looks with the spotless white walls and sparkling white pillars accentuated by a fountain and surrounded by a lush lawn.

Speaking of lawns, you should work with a landscape artist who can transform an ordinary yard into elegantly designed grounds.

Change the Landscape Design

White exterior walls and wrought iron fences are not the only factors that contribute to your home’s elegance. The way your lawn looks will make or break the design style that you are going for.

Work with a team that can give you a freshly manicured lawn that looks good enough for tea parties and cocktails. In addition to regularly trimmed plants and trees, consider adding water features to your garden. They are a refreshing focal point that automatically improves your curb appeal.

Give your home beauty that never fades. Follow these tips when remodeling your house exterior and make it look as elegant as you are.

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