Eco-Friendly Pool Maintenance Practices

January 11, 2019
Man cleaning a swimming pool

With the hype about going green, almost every industry is using eco-friendly measures in their operations. The purpose of going green is to minimize the impact of human activities on the planet. Taking care of the environment preserves the dignity of the world for the sake of future generations. Reputable bullfrog spas in Salt Lake City, Utah, must try the following ways to ensure eco-friendly pools:

LED Lighting

Pool lighting helps create beautiful colors underwater. This will make you enjoy swimming at night or host pool parties. When looking for pool lights to buy for your business, consider getting LED lighting options. These lights use up minimal energy to provide enough illumination. Also, these lights last longer than traditional lights. LED lights can also change colors so that you can customize the lighting in the pool.

Pool Pump Timing

The pool pump ensures that water flows continually in the pool. The pump also contains a filter that blocks unwanted particles in the pool. However, when your pool is not in use, the pump is working hard in vain. An ideal solution to switching off your pump without compromising on the functionality is to install a timer. The timer determines when the pump should go on and off. Timing the pump will not only save energy, but it will also extend the life of the pump.

Pool Cover

Swimming pool cover for summer protectionDo you know that evaporation is one of the causes of water loss from a pool? As a result, consider covering your pool, especially during summer, to prevent water loss. Pool chemicals also evaporate from the pool, and you will have to keep refilling. Covering your pool with a solar blanket will work for you when you need to minimize water loss and keep the pool heated. That is because the solar blankets absorb rays from the sun and in turn heat your pool water.

Use of Natural Sources to Heat Up the Pool

A majority of pool owners depend on gas or electric heaters to heat up their pools. However, the energy consumption is quite high with these heaters. Instead, you can get solar panels to heat up the pool. These heaters concentrate the rays from the sun to produce a heating effect on your water. The heaters ensure minimal energy consumption and no emission of harmful pollutants into the environment. Maintaining pool solar panels is also less costly than ordinary heaters.

Use of Alternative Sanitizers

Sanitizing the pool water is a routine maintenance task to protect the health of the pool users. Contaminated water contains viruses and bacteria that can cause skin problems. Chlorine is the most commonly used pool sanitizer. However, chlorine has a negative impact on the surroundings. Consider replacing chlorine with minerals for sanitizing your pool as they are eco-friendly.

Employing one or more of the measures mentioned above for your pool lowers the quantity of harmful substances that get into the environment. Every step you take will be to minimize the carbon footprint. Every effort, no matter how small, matters in saving the environment.

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