Design Elements of Modern Workspaces

June 6, 2019
interior design of an office

Workplaces in years past were basic places where people got work done and met clients. To this end, their designs primarily leaned toward functionality rather than aesthetics. In modern workspaces, however, a basic functional space will do little for your business’ image and for attracting the right employees and clients. Nowadays, office spaces are thriving ecosystems that combine work, play, and living. Moreover, the office designs undergo periodic changes to suit changing trends and exude the best look.

Designing your space denotes seemingly minor details such as an office workstation desk to the significant ones such as partitions and windows. To this end, you cannot assume that designing your office will be done with a few design catalogues and online articles. The only way to guarantee the best design and that your design will complement your operation is by letting a professional company handle it. Here are some of the elements the professional designer will focus on:

Interior Private Offices

Large and intimidating private offices have shrunk over the last decade by approximately 30% and will continue doing so. Individual workspaces are now moving toward the interior rather than perimeter spaces. Private offices have now been moved into the interior spaces so that more employees can benefit from natural lighting from the large windows on an office’s perimeter. This has been shown to boost productivity, lower energy expenses, and foster pleasant work environments.

Glass Office Fronts

If you are not too keen on moving your private offices from the perimeter of your office, you can keep the fronts of these offices as open as possible. This way, a large portion of your workers still benefit from ample natural lighting. The ideal choice in this instance is the use of glass fronts for your private offices. If you are worried about privacy, you can use roll-up screens and window films.

Open Ceilings

Modern workspaces have foregone the traditional ceiling tile, grid, and boxed constructions. Open ceilings that expose a building’s ductwork and beams are all the rage currently. These give an airy and industrial aesthetic feel while creating additional ceiling height to your office, thus opening it up. Unfortunately, open ceilings generally work for offices on the top floor or in single-storey buildings.

White Walls and Hard Surface Flooring

meeting room design

Hard surfaces such as those made of vinyl composite, wood, luxury tiling, exposed concrete, and stone are the ideal ones for modern offices. These give your workplace a modern and aesthetic look and are easy to maintain. The shift toward white walls is a bid to make your office feel large and airy. Moreover, these walls bounce considerable natural lighting. They boost your office’s daytime visibility and lower your lighting costs. They also allow the addition of several colour schemes and paintings that will uplift your office’s appearance.

Nothing will be more fulfilling for you than watching these elements come to life and transform your business’ productivity and employee morale. Luckily, they will not cost a fortune for your business, and you need not keep putting them off for a time when you will have some money to spare. This is because of the innovations that have cut back on construction costs.

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