Creative Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Modern Sanctuary

July 3, 2020

If you’ve tried everything, from decluttering your bedroom to rearranging your furniture, but still feel like you need to do more, here are four ways you can elevate your aesthetics and turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you envisioned.

Tip 1: Bring the Room Together with Bold Touches

Figure out the kind of décor you want in your room. You could either choose one big piece, e.g., an interesting light source or a single high wingback chair, or why not bring in one of your potted plants to liven up the room?

Don’t forget the addition of blinds and curtains, either. With the right ones, you can easily control the amount of natural light that enters your bedroom. There are many different kinds of window furnishings out there—from trendy shutters to decorative fabric—that the only difficulty you’ll have is deciding which type works best to enhance your room’s ambiance.

Tip 2: Remove the Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

One of the easiest ways you can upgrade your bedroom is to remove the wall-to-wall carpeting. You might be surprised what lies underneath your carpet. Some older houses have carpets installed in the bedroom, but end up covering serviceable hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are not only easier to maintain; the right gloss or type could also elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom. Additionally, if the floor you uncovered cannot be saved by polishing, there are plenty of inexpensive options out there, such as flooring made of laminated board. This type of flooring is more durable and scratch-resistant.


Tip 3: Repaint the Walls a Neutral Color

You might like bold colors like red or a deep emerald, or you might enjoy the brightness of a sunny yellow. However, these colors are not the best options for a modern bedroom. The style nowadays is to paint the wall a neutral color and then bring in pops of color in your décor.

Although generally, most professionals would tell you to stick to flat, eggshell, or satin paint finishes, you would know what’s best for you based on the natural light that you get in the room and the amount of foot traffic you get. Picking the perfect finish could also help hide blemishes on the wall or highlight the rustic feel of your bedroom. Experiment with different kinds and see what works best for you.

Tip 4: Build Yourself a Headboard

You can go simple with this project or go all-out, depending on how comfortable you are with handling and using power tools.

If you’re going for something simple, place a curtain rod along the wall and hang a piece of interesting textile on the wall. You can also glue cut-out mosaic pieces in different colors or hang up a painting to create the illusion of a headboard.

If you’re more inclined to DIY, look into making a tufted headboard. These are ideal if you want the room to feel cozy and elegant. Want a more rustic look? Look into plywood used in old barns that you can customize and cut to size. Barnwood is prized by most decorators nowadays, and if you could get your hands on an authentic one, that would be considered a rare and valuable find.

You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your bedroom to make it more modern. These four suggestions will hardly make a dent in your savings but would make a significant impact on your well-being when you start feeling more relaxed in your newly renovated bedroom.

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