Creating a Refuge at Home

May 31, 2020
at home

If there is anything that your home needs, it is a personal retreat for yourself. This is a place where you can truly be alone so that you can relax. Some people may think that the bedroom is enough for that, but you need somewhere that is truly independent of all the other things in your home. This makes it easier to forget everything. Creating this place is not easy, but your mental health will be much better with its presence. Here are some tips on how you can properly create such a space inside your home:

Find the Right Spot

The first thing you should do is reserve a space for your retreat. This should be an area that not everyone goes to or has another purpose. It can be tempting to set up your bathroom but luxuriating in a tub can still be interrupted by the other members of the house. The best choice would be the attic or the basement since these are primarily storage area. If you have a sturdy storage building such as a shed or a garage, it is the ideal place. If you have vacant space, you can designate an entire room as your retreat area.

Design for Distraction

Now that you have a place set aside for your retreat, you should be taking steps to make it the ideal space for you. The best way to do this is by putting in décor and items that will put you at ease. Find items that have meaning for you and that you treasure. Being surrounded by them can help you relax, such as having a favorite blanket wrapped around you.

One way to determine whether something belongs is to remember some of the memories that they bring up. For example, that quilt from your grandmother might help remind you of quieter and more joyful times.

Consider Music and Fragrance for Ambiance

playing the piano at home

Besides decoration, think about the sounds that your private space will have. Some people appreciate silence, but more people can relax if they have music playing in the background. If you have a specific playlist that you want to play for the room, then try to compile it and ready it for use. Besides that, you can also potentially improve the ambiance with the right fragrance. Buy some incense sticks or scented candles and experiment with what smell relaxes you.

Think About the Seating

When you are relaxing in your retreat spot, you should be comfortable. An important component of that is a good seat. There are dozens of seating options out there that would be very comfortable for you. These can range from a reclining chair to a chair that massages you. Choose one that would help you relax more.

There are times when the stress of daily living can be too much. When that happens, it is good to know that you have a personal place to retreat to. Creating one inside your home can be a great way to ensure that you will always be able to relieve your stress when necessary.

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