Create a Green Home with Eco-Friendly Window Installations

January 17, 2019
Woman opening blinds

Nothing says environment-friendly than going green and applying it to your household and personal habits at home. Of course, there’s the modern eco-friendly architecture as well as the renewable home designs that are currently taking the construction and housing industry by storm.

In addition, innovative energy-saving gadgets and modern energy-harvesting equipment are popular in the market today. Such home improvements can make the world a better place. There are innovations that favor this concept, so you can turn any window into an environmentally friendly part of your home.

Shades and Blinds

These are often seen in office spaces and other commercial establishments to keep out the sun or to keep prying eyes from looking through the windows. Apart from those, there are variations that could be used at home, and you can choose between ready-made blinds and made-to-measure models.

Take note that personalized shades can be more costly, but it will fit your window’s measurements and aesthetics better. Meanwhile, shades work on the same principle, except that they don’t open as blinds do. However, they are versatile that shades can even work for French or greenhouse windows.

Color and Coat

Window with curtain

Film coating on glass windows are usually applied on vehicles, but it has long since been made home-friendly as well. Installing tinted coating or reflective sheets on home windows can reduce heat and sunlight from entering. This controls the cool temperature inside your home and keeps your air conditioner from overworking itself.

The same principle can apply to heaters during the winter, as film coatings function as a second skin to your windows to keep the warm temperature constant. In addition, as tint coating reduces lighting inside any room, you can also enjoy extra privacy without closing your windows or curtains.

“Curtain Call”

Speaking of curtains, in contrast to the first fixture, curtains are actually more than just decorative additions. They also keep undesired sunlight from entering your rooms during hot summer days. If it’s cold outside, they also provide insulation and help control the temperature inside your home.

Moreover, you have creative and colorful choices to choose from. Some are available in simple designs, basic hues, and light materials. There are also more complex creations that are layered, ruffled, and printed. You may want to consider curtains that you can tie up or secure to allow light in and then close them when you want or designs that you can pull aside completely if you want the windows to be completely visible.

Using any of these installations takes every one of your windows to a whole new level of eco-friendliness. However, it would still be up to you what you will choose and for which room your choices would fit best. Remember: Function should always be given priority over style since you’re primarily aiming for energy efficiency and comfort. In any case, consult experts on what would suit your property best. Most likely, they already have products that they can present to you as options. Just make sure you contact experienced and reputable professionals so that you’re sure to be offered quality items and services.

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