Commercial Security Lighting: Know the Four Main Types

March 8, 2019

Having proper outdoor lighting is critical to the security in your facility. This can discourage crime by making it easy to identify any criminals who attempt or even succeed in breaking in. And this can make your guests and employees feel safe.

There have been different types of technology used for outdoor lighting over the years. As far as it concerns commercial lighting in Florida today, the options abound—from businesses that still use mercury vapor light fixtures to those that have embraced LEDs. Whatever the choice of lighting, it will work within the following four types of systems.

Dusk Through Dawn Lighting

This is the oldest lighting system available for consideration and with good reason, too. No other method is as logical. The idea behind it is simple; no burglar will attempt to steal if there is a chance that they are under surveillance. The only downside here is that you will have to consider investing in regular bulb replacements. Keeping them on all night every day means that they exhaust their life span quickly.

Floodlight Lighting

This kind of system has become popular in recent years. It has helped that there are LED lights that provide for energy efficiency and brightness. However, even then, depending on the size of the commercial space, floodlights will still rack up a considerable amount in energy costs.

Timer Lighting

timer light

As the name suggests, this system will work based on time. They are often linked to a circuit board where you can set the times to dictate when they go on and when you want them off. There are also semi-automated systems that have fewer management demands. The benefit of this kind of system is that you can control how much you spend in energy bills while still regulating what gives as realistic lighting to make your office feel secure.

Motion Sensor Lighting

This type of lighting system depends on motion sensors. The lights are installed with small sensors that will cause them to ignite if they detect any movement. The technology involved is progressive, and installation tends to be costly. However, since the lights will not be on all the time, you will spend significantly less than you would with any other system.

When it comes to choosing these sensors, there are some things you will have to consider. For starters, what is the size of your outdoor area? This will determine the range and the versatility of the sensor your pick. For example, a 60-foot range sensor will detect movement within 60 feet of the light installation, around the radius. You will also have to determine issues like the capacity of the bulbs used.

Properly lighting your business can add dimensions to create a beautiful atmosphere. However, it goes beyond being pleasant to the eye to securing your property. Note that security lights cannot work alone to keep your commercial space safe. Instead, they should form part of a bigger system that includes elements like security cameras, motion sensors and alarm systems.

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