Commercial Restrooms Should Be Impressive: Matters Design & Hygiene

January 7, 2019
Commercial restroom of a resort

You probably have ever said that everything about commercial restrooms is an exaggeration. But, think of it: this the one place that you need your clients to feel that you care about them the most. So, yes, your restrooms should be in their best condition, right from the toilet cubicle to the doorknob. You can never take chances with that. Professionalism is one of those must-consider elements here. You go for the wrong design, and your risk ruining your brand image. You pick the right restroom solutions, and your clients tell their family and friends how well you care about them even to the minutest of details.

On that, you will find the following areas quite critical when choosing restroom solutions for a better brand image:

Easy-Maintenance Solutions

There are restroom solutions that take a lot of time and human resource to keep in the best condition. Such will require that you not only hire more people to keep them clean but also spend more replacing worn-out parts. The best way around this is choosing restroom solutions that are self-cleaning and do not require replacing often. With such, you can easily maintain cleanliness in your restrooms as you do in all other spaces in your office.

Eliminating the Mess

Clean restroom of an officeEliminating all problematic issues should always come first when planning to keep your restroom in its best state. One of the best ways to do this is by installing the trash receptacles and paper towel dispensers closer to the sinks. Such convenient positioning of such restroom solutions will ensure that no trash ends up on your floors. There will also be no trails of water to your paper towel holder as it used to be the case when the dispenser was by the entrance.

Fixing Right

Missing room parts can affect your brand image more than how you thought they would. When washroom doors fixtures, such as locks and hinges, are missing, the washrooms can turn inaccessible and unusable. The locks should be present and functional to offer privacy to the users. When the hinges break, or the locks won’t function with ease, it is an indicator that you should get replacements. Failing to replace such washroom parts could make your clients think that you care less about your image and their wellbeing.

Also, always change the colour in your washrooms as you change those in your office space regularly. Maintaining consistency can seem minor on the outside, but it can have a pretty high impact on how your clients relate to your company. So, do it right the first time.

Conclusion: Professionalism is No Choice Here

There are no two ways around sending the right message to your customers. It takes deliberate intent and commitment to finding the right solutions that they can interact with to boost your brand image. Choosing your commercial restroom solutions is no exception here, too. Work with an expert in this field even when choosing your bathroom colours and customising your toilet cubicles. You can inquire from your friends for such professional commercial restroom solutions providers. You also can search online for the one with the best reviews.

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