Care for Some Colors? Getting the Right Scheme for Your Home

April 25, 2019
color palettes

When it comes to interior decor inspiration, people have been relying on magazines and catalogs for years. Now, in the digital age, all we need is a few clicks and taps to find thousands of inspiration online. Instagram and Pinterest are two of the top social media sites when it comes to photo sharing, allowing people to find ideas on how they can decorate certain areas of their homes to give it more vibe and character.

The fastest and perhaps easiest way to decide what interior paint colors would work best on your space is to start with your favorite colors. Use the colors you love as your base, and work around it to create a cohesive color scheme. When you choose to go this route, you’re not limiting yourself to traditional color schemes or a specific decorating style. Don’t be afraid to play around since it’s your personal sanctuary, after all.

Here are some smart ways to get you started on your search for your new color palette:

Start by looking at the colors of your home’s formal areas

This refers to the dining room, living room, and entryway. Look at these areas and pick a specific color scheme, then trim down your choices to just one. For instance, if you have a red sofa, choose a more toned down shade of it to accentuate the more private spaces in your home, like your bedroom or office.

Pull one color scheme from the largest pattern available in the area

wall patterns

Look around the current setup in your Kansas City home and see which patterns stand out the most. Do you have a rug in a bold color? A huge piece of artwork hanging on your walls? Did you get a professional wood floor installation in an unusual pattern?

Choose a color from the patterns you found interesting. If you want to stick to a neutral color for your walls, look at the shades of white and beiges on your chosen pattern.

Pay attention to how your overall lighting will affect the colors

As color is a reflection of light, take into account that the amount and kind of light present in a room will have a tremendous effect on how your chosen color scheme will look like. Test how these color schemes on the fixtures you have at home will appear on different kinds of lighting — those from lamps or natural lighting.

Look at the views outside for ideas and inspiration

Another popular inspiration when choosing the right color palette is to bring the colors outside in. Exterior-inspired colors, whether is the blues of the beach or the greens from the trees, are known to exude feelings of peace and tranquility. Before you settle for one color scheme, try to get the most realistic view of your options as much as you can. See how they would look like at different times of the day and with your curtains closed and open.

Some homeowners may find the task of choosing a color combination for their home interiors a huge challenge. Colors are powerful elements that can turn a bland room into your favorite spot, so consider all your options carefully.

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