Business Attraction 101: The Elegant Reception Area

May 25, 2023
Building a reception area
  • Incorporate the company’s branding into the reception area to create an emotional connection with customers and increase loyalty.
  • Consider elements such as the color scheme, furniture, artwork, decorations, and amenities when designing the space for elegance.
  • Technology such as digital signage systems, interactive kiosks, and automatic doors can add convenience and luxury to the reception area.
  • Provide exemplary customer service by training staff members in polite interactions and offering automated check-in systems to reduce wait times.

The aesthetic design has an immense impact on the success of a business. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that invest in creating a pleasant and inviting environment often experience more customer loyalty, improved productivity, and even increased profits. This is especially true for reception areas, which are often the first point of contact between the staff and patrons. An elegant reception area helps create an overall positive impression that can benefit the business.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing reception area should reflect the company’s personality beyond visual appeal. A study by the University of Exeter found that customers who felt welcomed were more likely to form a positive impression of the business and return in the future. Thus, creating a design that conveys the company’s mission, values, and aesthetics is essential.

When planning an elegant reception area, there are several elements to consider. Here are a few to prioritize when creating the space:


Branding the reception area

The importance of reflecting the company’s branding in the reception area cannot be overstated. Branding helps customers develop an emotional connection with the business, as it conveys various ideas about the company’s mission, values, and aesthetics. Research from Forbes reveals that proper branding can increase customer loyalty by up to 33%. Here are a few ways to accomplish this in an elegant reception area:

Color Scheme

Using colors aligning with the company’s brand identity is one of the most straightforward methods for creating a cohesive look that reflects its personality. Customers will notice when they enter an area carefully designed to match the brand’s colors and feel reassured that they are in the right place.


The furniture pieces used in the reception area should also be chosen for visual appeal and comfort, but also consider how they may influence customers’ opinions about your business. Choose seating arrangements and tables that reflect your brand’s style and incorporate elements such as lush fabrics or bold patterns for added visual interest.

Artwork & Decorations

Adding artwork or decorations can help elevate a space while adhering to a specific aesthetic. Incorporating artwork or objects related to your brand – either through its design or color palette – can be an effective way to add personal touches without straying too far from your overall theme.


Finally, consider the amenities you can provide in your reception area. Adding a beverage station or offering WiFi access can help build customer loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to their comfort and convenience. Furthermore, ensuring these areas are clean and organized will go a long way toward creating an elegant atmosphere.


Automatic doors

Technology has become an increasingly integral part of modern business operations, and incorporating it into the reception area can help streamline processes and create a more enjoyable experience for customers. Technology can automate administrative tasks, provide up-to-date information about products and services, and even enhance the atmosphere. Here are a few ways that technology can improve the elegance of any reception area:

Digital signage systems allow businesses to showcase their branding with animated displays that capture customer attention. They also offer flexibility when it comes to updating content quickly, making it easy to keep customers informed about upcoming events or changes in policy.

Interactive kiosks are another way to engage customers and make them feel welcome in the reception area. They can be customized with important company information, such as contact details or product descriptions, allowing visitors to access relevant information without asking staff members for assistance. Furthermore, these kiosks can help reduce wait times by organizing customer data and providing suggested items or services based on previous purchases.

While it might not seem advanced, there is always space for automatic doors. The benefit ensures that visitors don’t get stuck waiting for someone to open the door and provides a sense of luxury at the same time.

Customer Service

Good customer service in the reception area is essential for creating a positive impression and encouraging return visits. Studies have found that providing a compelling customer experience is critical to success, as customers who feel valued and respected are more likely to become loyal customers. A welcoming, efficient reception area should provide helpful staff members who make visitors feel welcomed and appreciated.

One way to ensure quality customer service is to train the staff members in the reception area properly. This can be done by providing clear guidelines on how employees should interact with customers, such as speaking politely and avoiding jargon or slang. Additionally, these employees should be knowledgeable about the company’s products or services to answer any questions visitors may have.

Another essential element of good customer service is ensuring that guests don’t wait too long before being attended to. Too many customers waiting in line can cause frustration, so providing enough staff members to manage the traffic flow is essential. Additionally, businesses should consider using automated check-in systems or kiosks to help speed up waiting times and provide an effortless customer experience.

Final Thoughts

Creating an elegant reception area is essential in attracting customers and increasing business success. By paying attention to the details, businesses can create a space that reflects their brand identity and provides a pleasant experience for all visitors. From choosing the right furnishings to providing quality customer service, businesses should consider all aspects of creating an elegant reception area.

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