Pandemic Property Selling: Boosting the Home’s Online Appeal

August 24, 2021
Beautiful modern house with garden and solar panels on the gable roof.

The coronavirus outbreak changed the way businesses promote and sell their products. Home selling, which once relied on physical inspections, switched to virtual engagements to adapt to the pandemic. This abrupt shift spawned many changes in how the industry works. Specifically, in-person appointments became online appointments. Likewise, physical walkthroughs turned to virtual walkthroughs.

In less than a year, the home buying experience transformed into a digital experience. Gone are the days when buyers need to see, touch, and feel the property. From November to December last year, 63% of homebuyers said they made an offer on a house they hadn’t even seen in person.

Consequently, these changes in consumers’ behavior demand changes in home sellers’ marketing strategy. As everything becomes limited to visuals, businesses must make their properties appear more appealing online. Below are the common tricks the most successful online home sellers do to boost their home’s screen appeal.

Emphasize the exterior

Nothing invites a potential buyer into a property other than a pleasing curb appeal. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the goal among home sellers is to create a terrific exterior that will turn everyone’s head as they walk down the street. To date, the goal is nearly the same. But instead of making the buyers turn their heads, the key is to make them stop scrolling through their gadgets and focus on the image on the screen.

To do so, it’s not enough to take a picture of the house’s exterior. Sellers must also convey the proper mood through visuals. Since front yards are generally treated as leisure areas, these spaces must convey comfort and entertainment. The process requires the incorporation of proper lighting, colors, and features.

Adding a string of mini bulbs in the patio, for example, can give off a cozy, cafe vibe. Outdoor floor lamps are also nice additions to the garden. Since outdoor living spaces are now in a boom, items like rocking chairs, island outdoor tables, and swings in the yard quickly catch attention. Some sellers also opt to dress their windows with shades or blinds to boost their properties’ curb appeal. Others revamp their exterior walls by installing sidings, inserting wall lights, and even hanging potted plants.

large modern home

Front doors take the spotlight

Main doors are the exclamation marks of every home. They provide entry, security, and personality to houses. No wonder home sellers put extra effort into showing off their front doors online.

Color choices are especially crucial. Gloss black and clean white remain the safe bets to give doors an elegant appeal. Yet, some are also taking bold moves by using bright colored paints. Ruby-red doors, for instance, come great with pure white walls. Meanwhile, aqua blue front doors match well with coral-colored exteriors.

Wide main doors are also gaining traction. The bigger the entrance, the better. As people try to fit their personal and professional activities indoors due to the pandemic, doorways are expected to become bigger and wider. Introducing a little greenery beside the entrance is also becoming popular. Potted plants and deep planters often frame the doorway to create a Zen-like environment.

Depersonalize the indoors with neutral colors

While bold colors have their charms, they fit only certain personalities. Home sellers invite as many potential buyers as possible by giving their indoors soft, neutral hues. The results are classic interior beauties that appeal to buyers from all walks of life.

White, beige, and gray are especially popular. They make the interior look fresh and good as new. This helps buyers feel like they’re looking at a blank canvas that they can personalize to fit their preferences. Neutral colors also work with any style. From rustic, modern, to minimalist, any design trend is possible with a neutral backdrop.

To avoid a monotonous look, online home selling businesses often add colors through replaceable pieces of furniture. Common items include abstract framed paintings or bright pillows on the sofa. A little greenery indoors is also a safe addition to create a cool contrast.

Soft-looking beds serve as good invitations

Bedrooms are among the most important areas people consider when searching for a new home. While many features are crucial, such as size, flooring, and wall color, one feature takes on the center stage: the bed. Online sellers are especially putting extra effort into making beds look extra fluffy and comfy in pictures.

Some smart tricks to achieve their desired bed looks include dressing the beds in layers and using textured blankets. The results are luxe-looking beds that are reminiscent of giant marshmallows for extra comfy sleep.

With these ideas in mind, you can focus on increasing the home’s appeal when selling it online. Don’t let the chance of making a sale pass you; take the necessary steps to sell a property.

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