Being Around Water Can Improve Your Life

October 19, 2021
garden pond

Water is essential to life. Your body needs to drink at least eight glasses of clean water every day. While your body can survive a few weeks without food, you will not survive past a few days at most without water.

But, the presence of water in the surroundings is equally essential. Many have said about the mental health benefits of living near green spaces. Those who spend time in the natural environment regularly are less stressed and have a lower risk of experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Being around blue spaces, too, can have tremendous effects on mental health.

On Water and Happiness

People love being around bodies of water. Many are willing to travel the whole day to swim or sit beside a lake, river, or beach. To some, the sounds and sights of water bring fond memories. However, the presence of water alone can calm and reduce stress.

Researchers investigated the impact of being around a body of water on humans. They asked participants to watch various fist tanks:

  • One was empty.
  • The other one was partially filled with fish and plants.
  • The last one had the most number of animals and plants.

The researchers measured and recorded the heart rates and blood pressures of every participant.

They found that participants stayed around longer to look at fish tanks with the most water creature population. But even staring at an empty tank had a positive impact on the psyche.

A European organization that aims to explore the impact of urban waterways on health called the BlueHealth Project conducted over 20 studies involving more than 18,000 people across 18 countries. It found that the longer people spend around water, the better they feel.

However, of course, not everyone can uproot their lives and settle near any ocean or lake. Most people are stuck in urban areas, far from a body of water, because of their jobs.

Luckily, there are other ways to reap the benefits of being around water at home.

pond garden

The Zen of Indoor Water Fountains

A water fountain can create feelings of calm in your home. You do not need to invest in a big water fountain that will rival the Fontana di Trevi in Rome. A small water fountain can give you the benefits of being around water without taking too much space or demanding too many resources.

There are water fountains that you can place on top of a side table. It still creates the bubbling and flowing sound that can relax the mind and body as soon as you walk into your home after a long day at work.

Most small water fountains do not require installation. They come ready to use. Just plug them into a wall socket, pour water into the container, and switch them on.

However, larger pieces will require more water and, therefore, might involve complex plumbing systems. You’ll need to call a plumber to help you install the water fountain in your home.

A water fountain requires regular maintenance. The water flowing in the fountain might get contaminated by bacteria. The water can also get stagnant and moldy if there is debris clogging the tubes. You will need to change the water regularly and clean the machine. Many small fountains will only require the addition of a bit of bleach to cleanse. Likely, the machine will come with cleaning instructions. Follow the manufacturer’s advice to lengthen the lifespan of your water fountain, and prevent it from causing ailments to your loved ones.

The Fun of Keeping an Aquarium

An aquarium will give you the same mental health benefits of being around a body of water too. Watching fish swim around will make you forget about your stressors, albeit temporarily, and calm you down. Even watching videos of fish swimming in water has therapeutic effects.

It is also relatively easier to care for fish than dogs or cats. They only need to be fed daily, and you only need to clean their tank occasionally.

Aquariums come in different sizes. You can get a desktop aquarium if you do not have the luxury of space at home. However, if you have the budget and space, a bigger tank can fit more fish and water plants.

Nature is amazing to a person’s physical and mental well-being. However, not everyone has immediate access to parks and beaches. Those who live in cities where nature is a long drive away can incorporate different elements at home. You can keep indoor plants for some green and water fountains or fish tanks for something blue.

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