An Insight into Various Categories of Vinyl Fences

January 15, 2019
backyard with fence

Vinyl fencing material is made from PVC, where its resin is mixed with other materials to make it strong and durable. These factors make a majority of people select vinyl over wood fencing. Moreover, vinyl lasts longer and requires you to wash it down with your spray hose for total cleanliness.

Vinyl fences are a suitable stylish option for any home. It is also highly versatile and hence ideal for fencing various parts of your home. That said, before selecting any vinyl fence type for your Tampa home in Florida, here are options you may consider.

Picket Fence

This type is designed with the idea of a classic wooden picket fence in mind. Traditional picket fences are built such that there are two posts measured apart at specific intervals and they are interconnected through one or several horizontal rails.

While they do not block any view, they come in handy for anyone looking to contain their young children or pets within the compound. This fence is much shorter than privacy and semi-privacy fences making them suitable for defining boundaries and showing off your landscape.

Privacy Fence

Besides adding a decorative element to your property, a privacy vinyl fence helps conceal your property from passersby, neighbors, and intruders. This fence is also suitable for enclosing swimming pools, a pet playing area, or children playing area.

They are readily available in most garden and home centers and often come with all the necessary tools to install them. They are available in the heights of six to eight inches, thus offering you total privacy.

Lattice Top Fence

This type has an aesthetically appealing look, thus improving the curb appeal of your home. Moreover, the fence comes with all the properties of a private fence, albeit, with more beauty. The bottom part offers sheer privacy with no visual access to the inside, while the top portion comes with a little bit of airflow and visibility.

They are best suited for use around swimming pools, defining property lines, and for limiting access to unsightly areas.

Shadowbox/Semi-Private Fences

House with fence at the side

This vinyl fencing option alternates fencing panels throughout the front and back such that the fence has a similar look on both sides. They are mostly used for neighboring properties to ensure that none of the sides gets a bad view.

The top of the fence allows sun and wind to come through while the bottom side offers total privacy. Most shadowbox fences stand at around 6 inches tall.

Post and Rail Fence

This type is among the simplest forms of vinyl fencing. It is made of posts planted at specific intervals and has three to four rails pinned at equal intervals. It is open thus gives a good view to your yard. It is best suited for safeguarding big animals and for defining property lines.

The first step to obtaining a vinyl fence is identifying the area where you want it installed and why. The second step is selecting the size – length and height – of the fence that you want. This will help your fencing contractor price the entire project to give you a comprehensive quotation.

Finally, you can choose the color of the vinyl fence based on the vegetation, your house structure, or the purpose of the fence.

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