A Guide to Building and Decorating Your Starter Home

November 3, 2021
first house

Buying your first home is an exciting but stressful process. A starter home will always be cheaper than more expensive properties, so if you’re looking to save some cash, this could be the right choice for you.

However, it may not offer all of those luxuries that make other homes worth living in; frequently, they lack bedrooms or come with only one bathroom — which can put a damper on family time when everyone has their own needs (kids included).

Luckily there are still lower priced options available, though, like three-bedroom villas where families live happily ever after without having to pay too much money upfront like many would expect because these houses don’t require significant down payments either.

Here’s a quick guide to building and decorating your starter home:

Build good bones

The house’s foundation must be built strong and last even if you don’t want to stay there forever. Concrete and steel should be used to provide a strong foundation and avoid potential damage from natural disasters.

The walls must not only be firm and durable, but they also have to protect you from the weather outside; insulation is essential and waterproofing because nobody likes living in houses that are constantly dripping with water.

If you choose to build your house in any part of the country, make sure you hire professional roof installers to ensure that your home is safe and sturdy. The roof above your family’s heads should be strong enough to hold all that snow in the winter and avoid collapse at all times.

The roof and the foundation make up the bones of your house, and they should be built to last.

Be creative with your design.

Make things exciting for yourself by infusing new items into your home! They don’t have to be expensive either, just as long as they’re well-made and of good quality.

If you can’t afford a luxurious main bathroom, consider installing a shower instead of a bathtub. It’s cheaper, and you can still take a nice relaxing soak if you buy an attractive-looking bubble bath.

You may not have the opportunity to install a swimming pool or even a hot tub, but there are other ways to make your house seem more high class, like buying expensive-looking throw rugs, shower curtains, and bathroom decor.

Outdoor patios can also be a classy addition to any house; you don’t even need room for a pool because the overall look of your patio is enough to make it an area that will impress your friends and family – especially if you buy expensive plants and furniture.


Pick your color scheme.

Decorating a starter home with bright colors is not recommended unless you’re going for a punky rockstar-themed feel.

Choose neutral tones that can be easily matched with different wall paint shades to change things up from time to time. Avoid busy patterns and designs, so the attention is drawn more towards your furniture sets.

Remember, if you’re not sure what colors to go for, ask your friends and family members because they’ll be able to give you their opinions on your future home.

Avoid clutter

In a starter home that’s meant to be affordable, there will be many compromises made along the way. This is why it’s important not to cram too much furniture in one area; make sure you have enough living room space for entertaining guests – and not just a sofa but somewhere to put the coffee table and entertainment center.

As for bedrooms, avoid having too many beds in them, or else it’ll be hard to decorate what’s left of the floor space. It’s much easier if there’s only one bed in each room; however, people can still share if they want to.

Consider lighting

Consider adding one or two light fixtures that come with their bulbs.

It’s also good to keep a little of light coming from the outside, significantly if pretty plants and flowers are growing within your garden.

If it’s still too dark for you, buy some inexpensive string lights to dangle on the walls or around windows. Not only will this give your house a warm cozy feeling, but it’ll also make your house look more expensive than it is.

Buy furniture that can serve multiple purposes.

Save money by buying furniture that’s meant to be versatile such as a corner entertainment center or small dining table with chairs that can be used as storage for clothes and bed sheets.

If you’re planning on living in your house for at least five years, make sure you buy appliances that are high quality and durable; if not, the money you save from buying cheaper things will eventually be wasted because you’ll need to replace them before long.

Starter homes are for those people who have just started in life and need a place to settle down. It doesn’t have to be the most charming house on the block as long as it has enough room for you, your family members, and guests. Remember that what’s important is that you make it comfortable and cozy.

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