8 Proven Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills

June 1, 2020
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Like everyone else in the world, you’re probably staying at home to stay safe. However, this comes at the cost of high utility expenses thanks to an increase in your energy usage at home. There are plenty of things you can do if you want to avoid a rude awakening the next time you open up your bills. The following are just a few strategies to try out:

Replace your windows

Windows with excellent insulation can help take the stress off of your indoor heating and cooling systems. This will effectively lower the cost of your energy bills, especially during the hotter and colder seasons. Consider having professional window installation services safely put up some innovative and energy-saving windows to help you reduce your energy usage without sacrificing comfort.

Change your light bulbs

Does your home still use a traditional incandescent light bulb? This could be the cause of your expensive utility bills. Swap them out for energy-saving light bulbs such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), light-emitting diodes (LEDs), or halogens instead. You can save as much as $75 a year by making this simple change.

Opt for comfortable clothing

Changing into more comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing is one of the simplest solutions to help you avoid using up electricity to regulate the temperature. Wear more layers and bundle up during the colder winter months, and dress down during the spring and summertime.

Clean your air filters

cleaning air filterDirty air filters restrict the flow of air on your AC unit which can lead to an increase in energy use. Pencil in at least one day every month dedicated to cleaning out or replacing your air filter. It’s recommended that you do it more frequently if you live with pets around.

Air-dry your clothing

Rather than running up your electricity bill by drying your clothing in an electric tumble dryer, go the old-fashioned route by line-drying your laundry instead. You can do this in your laundry room or if you have space to spare in your lawn or backyard. If you need your clothes to dry quicker, try aiming a fan at it on the lowest setting.

Make use of a power strip

Rather than plugging your devices into different sockets around the house, it’s better to use a power strip. This allows you to unplug all devices all at the same time when they’re not in use. If you’re the type to often forget to turn off your power or unplug your idle electronics, this is an especially useful appliance.

Take a shorter shower

Shortening your shower time by even two minutes can lower your water usage by about 10 gallons. Use a timer to alert you if you’re showering too long. If your shower time tends to take longer because you’re waiting for hot water in the morning, try showering at night then do a quick washing up in the morning instead.

Do an energy audit

Some utility companies offer free energy audits for your home. It’s recommended that you avail of these services as this can help you figure out what you can work on to further reduce your energy usage.

Make your time spent at home worthwhile without having to spend so much on your utility bills by keeping these handy tips in mind.

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