6 Tips When Purchasing a New Mattress

February 9, 2019
Man shopping for a mattress

Waking up without neck or back pain is always a great way to start your day. You would not want the after-effects of the previous day’s work ruin your every morning. You can, however, avoid pain with a good mattress. Before you check for a mattress sale in Salt Lake City, it is worthy to consider first some things.

1. Do some research

Being abreast with many types of mattresses as well as supplemental information about what a good night sleep means is enlightening enough. Be cautioned, nevertheless, of the potential of being overwhelmed with countless products, especially if you search online. Initial research should only give you an overview or a shortlist of what you want to buy.

2. Check all options available

There are several types of mattresses. Do not just look at one type. The innerspring type is the most common and least expensive. Memory foams offer good cushioning but are expensive. So is true with latex foam when it comes to cushioning and price, yet it is more elastic. Hybrid mattresses mix springs and foam, while air mattresses provide customized firmness at a higher cost.

3. Be discerning of some marketing ploys

Marketing strategies are good, but some are overdone by marketing beyond what the product really is. With mattresses, you will most likely run into claims like the product is “medically-approved.” It is wise to ask or learn if such claims are scientifically true. You can also research on medical benefits of mattresses, i.e. medium-firm mattresses are best for those having low back pain.

4. Test the mattress

Woman trying the mattressOften, people test mattresses by lying on it, to get a feel of it. This actually helps. Think of the mattress as a new car. You can always ask the salesperson if you can have a try, and how long they will allow you to do it. But it need not be long. Maybe 10 minutes would be enough. Check not just on one mattress product. Try a few.

5. Look for guarantees and trial options

Retailers offer comfort guarantees, like if you have to pay for shipping, if there is a money-back guarantee, or if return policies are in place. Trial periods (comfort trial period) are also useful as you can have a longer time to test the mattress. Normally 30 days are given but a week is enough to gauge the mattresses’ applicability. Some retailers however may charge you with a restocking fee.

6. Buy from a specialty retailer

It is advisable to purchase your mattress from a store that specializes in selling them. First, they know more about the product. Their salespeople are trained to help customers in finding the right mattress for them. Second, a specialty store has enough options for the biggest and most popular brands, a sign of reliability.

Replacing your old mattress may be more difficult now as there are endless options to choose from. From types, makers, to special offers, you may lose track. But keep in mind that your neck and back know more. That simple test drive should make a difference.

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