4 Minor Changes that Can Do Wonders for Your Kitchen

January 17, 2019

They say that the kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where your family and guests gather to socialize over creamy pasta and good wine. It only makes sense then that you’d want to keep your kitchen fresh, vibrant, and stylish, and doing so doesn’t have to empty your savings account. If you want a cheap, minor kitchen makeover, the key is to focus on a few key products or design elements that have the biggest impact on how your kitchen looks and feels.

1. Change your countertop

The countertop sets the tone of the entire kitchen of your home in Murray. Before you go shopping for chic countertops, you first have to decide what kind of look is up to you. You can create a rustic look with a wooden countertop or a modern look with a countertop made of granite.

Budget-wise, according to Countertop Investigator, Formica countertops are one of the most affordable types with price ranging from $20 to $30 per square foot. Plastic laminate is also cheap at $20 to $50. On the far end of the spectrum, granite countertops cost around $50 to $200, quartz costs around $100 to $150, and you can get marble for $125 to $250.

2. Get new cupboards

Dirty or worn-out cupboards make any kitchen look shabby. Thus, if you notice your cupboards getting chips or stains that don’t go away, it’s time for a change. There is a lot that goes into selecting new cupboards. You can opt for stock cupboards, which are the pre-assembled cabinets you see in home centers. However, if you want it to perfectly fit for your kitchen, you can go for semi-custom or custom cupboards. You’d also have to pick a style based on the look that you’re trying to achieve. There are European-style cupboards, dark- or light-colored, rustic, minimalist, and more styles to choose from.

3. Update your backsplash

A kitchen’s backsplash is often ignored, but it does have a big impact on a kitchen’s feel. If you want to liven up your kitchen, add some color with a green, yellow, blue, even orange backsplash. Since it’s in the background, you can really experiment with it and see which colors give you the effect you want to achieve. Kitchen backsplashes are also big on patterns.

4. Give your kitchen a new faucet

Man installing faucet

If you want to freshen up your cleanup station, you don’t have to get a new sink. A new faucet will do. The type of faucet you choose should depend on your needs so that you can strike a balance between functionality and style. If you have a compact space, a single-handle faucet with a pull-out sprayer is the best option. You can also have a wall-mounted faucet to save extra space.

Breathing new life to your kitchen can be simple with careful planning of your desired look and budget. You should also do careful research so that you can get the best materials and maybe even snag deals that will save you a few dollars. If you have kids, you can even make this a bonding activity by letting them choose the countertop or backsplash. It’s your kitchen, so get crazy and have fun!

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