4 Essential Home Improvements to Turn Your House Into a Stress-Relieving Haven

December 2, 2019
stress-free at home

Your home can be (and should be) more than just a place for you to safely lay your head down or keep your belongings in. Your home should be your de-stressing haven; a place where you look forward to coming back to after a stressful and hectic day at work. As such, we’ll be taking a look at a few different home improvement tips that can help turn your home into a stress-relieving environment for you and your family:

#1 Be Smart with Your Lighting

There’s a lot of science and technicalities when it comes to home lighting and stress, but the short version is that lighting can affect comfort, concentration, stress, anxiety, and even motivation at home. You have to be smart about the intensity, ‘temperature’, and colour of the lights various areas of your home. Bright and white lights should be reserved for functional lighting (to light up areas for safety, such as walkways, or areas of your kitchen where you prepare food and ingredients) as they provide the highest visibility.

In contrast, you should use ‘warmer’ and less bright lights for areas where you wish to unwind or rest. You can even opt to install a dimmer that controls the level and intensity of lighting whenever you need it — the best example of which would be in bathrooms where you can turn the dimmer up to maximum when shaving or doing makeup, then set the lights to a ‘softer’ setting when you’re unwinding in the tub.

Lastly, you should also consider allowing more natural light into your home through windows and skylights as natural light is proven to help reduce stress and make your home look and feel more spacious and breathable.

#2 Boosting Your Bathroom with Greens, Tunes, and Aroma

house plants

People say that there’s nothing more stress-relieving than getting out of your work clothes and taking a long, relaxing shower (or dip in the tub). But you can actually up to your bathroom’s stress-relieving effect by adding some indoor plants in your bathroom (the same way it can improve mood and lower stress in other indoor areas). Additionally, instead of using those scented aerosol sprays and air freshener gels, try swapping them out for a diffuser and natural essential oils to turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa area. Lastly, add some music into the mix by making a sing-along shower mix or a relaxing music playlist.

#3 Exercise or Yoga Area

Exercising and yoga aren’t only a good way to stay fit, but they can effectively reduce stress as well. That said, you’ll want to consider adding an exercise area somewhere in your home (preferably with good natural lighting and ventilation), so you can take a few minutes to stretch and work up a sweat after work.

#4 A Designated Stress-Free Zone

But consider having a designated de-stressing area at home with a big ‘do-not-disturb’ sign. To many, this can be synonymous to a gaming room, or meditation corner, or their bedroom. It should be a part of your home that stress just isn’t allowed and where you shouldn’t be bothered, your little slice of heaven. If you’re having trouble thinking of what your stress-free zone would be like, you can never go wrong with a hot tub, and there are Bullfrog spa dealers in Salt Lake City that can help you pick the best one for your home.


These are only some of the many home improvements you can do to make your residence into a stress-relieving sanctuary. So try to take a short stroll around your house and see what stress-reducing improvements you can apply or even come up with.

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