15 Fun Summer Activities to Do for Some Office Fun

July 3, 2020

Bring in some summer fun into your office with these awesome ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the business of manufacturing, building commissioning, car production, or whatever, you can still enjoy the summer season even if you’re stuck at work.

15 Fun Things to Do at Work to Enjoy Summertime

1. Office Field Trip!
Nothing’s more fun than taking a road trip with the rest of the team. It gives you all a much-needed time out from work and the chance to establish stronger connections with each other.

2. Sundae Bar Breaks
We all know how hot summer can get, right? Give everyone the chance to cool off by having a sundae bar at least once a week at work.

3. Charity Events
Participate in charity events. This is the perfect time to bring your team closer together and serve the community at the same time

4. Potluck Fridays
Have a day in the week that everyone anticipates and gets excited about. Have your people bring in their favorite food to share. If you want, you can even take this a notch higher and make it a company picnic.

5. Hire an Ice Cream Man
Everybody loves the ice cream man! Hire an ice cream truck to swing by the office one time and see everyone’s inner child unleashed once they hear the ice cream truck coming.

6. Employee Appreciation Day
Showing your employees that you appreciate them is a gesture that they will never forget. It can even motivate them to do better at work and be loyal to you. Schedule a day where you can show them how valuable they are to the company and reward their faithful services.
7. Hold a Bring-Your-Family-To-Work Day
Summertime is a season that’s best spent with family. Why not have everyone bring their families to work one day so they can show off what they do at work and introduce the rest of their coworkers to their families?

8. Hold Company-Wide Sporting Events
Sporting events are good team building activities. It may get competitive but the camaraderie and the fun make it all worthwhile.

9. Serve the Community
Nothing is more important than serving the community. That’s the very essence of your business’ existence — to serve the community and fill in their needs. Having your company engage in activities that benefit the community you’re in reinforces your values.

10. Ugly Summer Fashion Contest
A fun summer gimmick to do at the office. Think of it as the summer version of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.

11. Go to the Ballpark
Take a day off from work and have everybody watch a game at the ballpark. Or perhaps, you can organize a company-wide league of your own if you have enough people.

12. Get a Food Drive Going
Another way of serving the community is holding a charity food drive for your local food bank. This gives other people in the community the chance to be involved and be a blessing to others. It also puts you in a position that makes you a valuable member of the community you’re in.

13. Karaoke Oki Doki
Rent a karaoke machine and find out if one of your workers has the potential to be the next American Idol or if they’re a fit for Lip Sync Battle.

14. Outdoor Barbecue and Chili Cook-Off
What is summer without a barbecue and a chili cook-off? Sponsor a barbecue contest and have the non-contestants be the judge. This way, those who love to cook get to do it while everyone enjoys great food. Win-win!

15.  Company Yoga Class
After all the pigging out you do this summer, you might want to consider getting some workout in your calendar, too. Hire a yogi and invite everyone to participate in a company class.

We hope that you found these tips helpful and enjoyable. If you have other ideas for great summer workplace activities, chime in in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

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