The Advantages of Having a Walk-in Bathtub

February 19, 2019
elegant walk in bath tub

Bathtubs offer a comfortable and relaxing experience for people who wish to de-stress, calm the senses, and simply enjoy a good bath. For many, this essential bathroom fixture is something they cannot live without. Unfortunately, there are individuals who find it difficult to get in or out of the bathtub. It is not only physically taxing, but is also a safety risk. The elderly still deserve to enjoy a good bath despite their age and physical limitations. In Utah, more and more families have installed a walk-in bathtub for their safety and comfort.

Access for the Elderly or People with Disabilities

Families who decide to provide home care for their elderly and disabled members will also appreciate the wonderful benefits of having a walk-in bathtub. Because of their age or disability, some members of the family experience limited mobility and difficulty in maneuvering inside a traditional tub.

Walk-in bathtubs are made with a door that can be opened. They also have small steps that can be accessed easily, safely, and comfortably for bathing. Walk-in bathtubs are generally shorter than usual and traditional bathtubs. They are made to encourage independent use while keeping everything comfortable and safe.

Most of these bathtubs include a non-slip surface seat and a non-slip floor to ensure safety and minimize accidents while inside the tub. Users are able to access the tub’s fixtures and faucets with ease. They can also bathe while standing or sitting down using the shower with a sliding rail.

young woman enjoying Jacuzzi

Walk-in Tubs with Massage Features

Some walk-in bathtubs are air-filled jet ones. These provide a good massage for the whole body and promotes better blood circulation, especially to the extremities. Doctors recommend water massages to elderly and disabled people because it helps relieve pain in the body in a natural and relaxing manner. Physical therapy or activity may tire them out, but lying or sitting in a tub with air jets causes them no discomfort.

Additionally, the massage feature can also be enjoyed by other family members. The water can be set to warm or cold, depending on what the user prefers. For sports therapy, cold or even icy water is recommended to help tissue damage and prevent inflammation. To soothe stress and everyday aches and pains, warm water with scented bath oils is highly advisable.

Independence in Self-care

Families living with elderly and disabled members find that walk-in bathtubs are a great solution to issues of independence. Individuals can take care of their personal hygiene on their own through a walk-in bathtub. Besides privacy, it helps them feel in control of everyday tasks that they used to do on their own. A caregiver can just wait outside the bathroom or stall to check on how the person is doing or if he needs help dressing up.

Walk-in bathtubs usually take two to three to install. After this, you and your loved ones can freely use the tub to relax and enjoy a comfortable bath. Its best feature is the fact that it was invented with safety and accessibility in mind.

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