The 4 Sub-Types of Free-Standing Electric Fireplace Options

January 17, 2019
Modern living room with a fireplace

Electric fireplaces have gained immense popularity recently. This is mostly because they produce no smoke, are energy-efficient, have low maintenance needs, and have an easy installation and a long lifespan.

The fireplaces also have a timer function, which allows them to shut off automatically, reducing the risk of overheating of your rooms. Electric fireplaces come in various sizes, design and types. The three main types of electric fireplaces include insert, wall-mounted and freestanding fireplaces.

A freestanding electric fireplace is designed for Salt Lake City residents looking for the most flexible and easiest-to-install option. The fireplace is at times classified as a mantel fireplace, though the mantel is only a component of the fireplace.

The following are the subtypes of freestanding electric fireplaces that might suffice for your property.

1. Electric Fireplace with Mantel

In medieval times, fireplaces with chimneys were a prominent centerpiece. In modern times, mantelpieces or chimneys still form a part of most properties. Most people pick electric fireplaces with a mantel for its aesthetic impact.

The fireplace is also cost efficient since it has a low upfront cost, can be used with or without a heater and is durable and of high quality. Electric fireplaces with mantel, however, require considerable space, and most consume a lot of energy.

2. Entertainment Center and Electric Fireplace Package

This option combines a TV stand and an electric fireplace. Its primary advantages are space-efficiency since it combines two pieces of furniture and its beauty. Most people will hence use an entertainment center and electric fireplace package as their room’s centerpiece.

It is also easy to manage the wiring of the appliances in your entertainment system and for your fireplace with this option. Unfortunately, this type of electric fireplace requires a more complicated installation process.

3. Freestanding Stove

This is essentially a more compact substitute to the electric fireplace with mantel. It shares most of the latter’s properties but does not have a chimney. As such, most people might consider it less aesthetically appealing compared to a fireplace with mantel.

A freestanding electric stove will, however, occupy a small space making it a good option for those with minimal indoor space.

4. Infrared Electric Fireplaces

Living room with an electric fireplaceRather than an electric fireplace subtype, an infrared fireplace is an advancement in heating technology. Infrared electric heaters will generally heat a larger space compared to conventional heaters. Most can in fact comfortably heat up to 1000 square meters compared to other heaters, which heat only 400 square meters.

Infrared electric fireplaces are hence generally used for outdoor heating in stoves and fireplaces with mantels. Unfortunately, they are expensive.

The look and comfort of all indoor and outdoor spaces can be instantly transformed by the inclusion of an electric heater. The above types of heaters fit into most properties since they can be moved around to suit different arrangements and situations.

Though they might seem easier to install and maintain compared to your other electric appliances, they are far from it. Mistakes in handling an electric fireplace can result in fires and affect other appliances in your home. Other than buying the fireplace from a trusted dealer, ensure that the installation is by a certified electrician to avert these occurrences.

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