Secure Your Garage and Improve Your Home Security

January 21, 2019
Car parked in a garage

Many people fail to realise that the garage makes an easy target for any burglar looking for a quick payday. By taking proactive measures like hiring repair services in Brisbane, you can secure your garage and make your home unattractive to any thief.

It might come as a surprise, but the average burglar only needs six seconds to break into your locked garage. By using a wire hanger, a skilled burglar can steal your car in seconds.

Well, that is if you fail to disable the emergency releases lever or to remove the cord attached to the emergency release level. Alternatively, you can lock the release lever, making it impossible for a coat hanger to release the bar. Here are some additional ways to keep your garage safe and secure.

Don’t Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Well, of course, no one goes out of their way to make it known that they have expensive items stowed in their garage. You need to make it impossible for any prowling thief to peek inside. Criminals are always out for a quick score, and as such, they will scout a location until they hit the jackpot.

Thieves particularly love garages with windows as they only need to slide up for a quick look before making their move. Clear windows let burglars scope out the loot before they can break in. Frosting or covering the windows makes your garage an unattractive target, lowering the chances of a burglary. Alternatively, you can install shades and obscure the view from outside.

Don’t Leave Your Home Keys in the Car

Woman in her car

Of course, it’s more convenient to stash the garage key in your car, but that poses some danger to your home security. In the unfortunate incident that a criminal element grabs your vehicle from the parking lot, they can end up inside your home, and you wouldn’t be the wiser. There are increasing incidents where thieves break into parked cars then use the navigation system to trace their way to your home.

Since the thieves will pull up using your car, your neighbours will assume it’s you. If the garage key is easily accessible, the thief will open the garage door and drive in. From there, they can make their way into the house and rob you blind. In addition to hiding the key, it’s essential that you keep the door to the home secured with a sturdy lock.

Don’t Skimp on Preventive Maintenance

Failing to keep the garage doors in excellent working condition can be the biggest threat to your home’s safety. Picture this. You’re running late for a crucial meeting, and your garage door decided to jam halfway through after you’ve pulled out. Do you stay home and call the repair service, or do you take your chances and keep your appointment? Failing to keep your door in great shape can put you between a rock and a hard place. To avoid such dilemmas, you should have an expert service your garage entries at least once a year.

If you’re keen to keep your home safe from any prowling burglar, you should consider making your garage burglarproof. Failing to keep the doors in excellent working condition makes your home an attractive target to any prowling burglar.

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