Patio Construction: Types of Tiles for Flooring

June 1, 2019
wooden flooring inside the living room

Outdoor living spaces are an integral element in most properties nowadays. People are looking for space where they can enjoy the fresh outdoor environment without incurring the significant expenses of supplying the same with expensive air conditioning units.

This calls for the construction of a patio which includes several components. Most people will focus on the construction of insulated roofing systems assuming this will determine the longevity of other patio elements and their level of comfort.

While this is true, you should not forget another aspect that makes a primary difference in your patio. This is the type of flooring. Tiled floors are nowadays the leading choice owing to their low cost, exceptional look and low-level maintenance.

The following are tile alternatives available for your patio’s floor.

Mosaic Tiles

These may be unglazed or glazed and measure two inches or less. The color of unglazed mosaic tile is consistent, and they are incredibly durable.

Most mosaic tiles are made of porcelain, making them extremely hard and with low moisture absorption rates. They will thus suffice for outdoor spaces that will cater to a large number of people.

Rubber Tiles

Though generally used for gyms and sports centers in the past, rubber tiles are versatile and will suffice for your patio. The tiles are extremely low cost and comfortable and have an exceptional slip resistance making them suitable for patios next to swimming pools.

Unfortunately, they might not last as long as other tile options used in patios due to considerable foot traffic or in which heavy furniture will be used.

Ceramic Tiles

man placing ceramic tiles on the floor

These are the conventional choice for patios. Though they have a high PEI rating, which means they have enough strength, ceramic tiles are only suited for light-use outdoor spaces as they are not very strong.

When choosing ceramic tiles for your patio, ensure you pick a sturdy floor tile since there exist wall tiles that might not be suited for patio floors. The cost of ceramic tiles will vary based on their design, but they are generally cheaper compared with porcelain tiles.

Quarry Tiles

Despite their name, these tiles are not mined from quarries but are instead made from a dense unglazed clay type. Quarry tiles are extremely durable, and strong but come in a limited color range including gray, brown and red.

They have a Mediterranean look, good moisture resistance and slip-resistant texture. The tiles are however not suited for freezing climates.

Slate Tiles

These are natural stone alternatives for flooring patios. They are made from a metamorphic rock that is extremely durable and moisture-resistant.

Slate tiles also have excellent slip resistance depending on the texture you will choose. Moreover, unlike other natural stone flooring options, they come in a broad color range.

If you are aiming for an exceptional look for your outdoor space, get a supplier that primarily deals with patios rather than any hardware. This way, you are assured of their professional input on which material options work best for your property. Furthermore, you should also have the tiles professionally installed so that you don’t regret any mistakes you might get with DIY work.

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