Old Design Trends That are Making a Huge Comeback

April 25, 2019
old trends

When it comes to home design, everything old is new again. The next time you visit your Grandma’s house, you might want to take some design notes from her, as many home design trends of the past are now making a comeback. From wallpapers and wall-to-wall carpet to even something as retro as disco balls, many modern looks now have a dose of past decades’ nostalgia.

If you’ve been thinking about letting go of some old stuff to make way for all things new – whether it’s a simple closet cleanup to get rid of unwanted, unused belongings or a total switch to a minimalistic lifestyle, now is a perfect time! Thankfully, as past trends are becoming “new” again, you might not have to spend so much to make this happen. Here are some design trends of the past that you’ll see more of this year:

Organic Materials and Displays

As we move on to a more tech-based, fast-paced world of high technology and information, many people long for the nostalgic feel of warmth and simplicity, especially in their homes. This is the main reason why this year, it’s all about reconnecting with nature and appreciating its beauty once again. When it comes to home designs, it means going for materials that are organic and building sustainable, bigger windows to appreciate the viewsoutside your Sudbury, Ontario home.

Floral Wallpapers


Wallpapers may not be the most desirable décor piece for many homeowners. But, back in the 90s, no interior home designer would call a project complete without adding wallpapers to any rooms. This continued until the early 90s, and as wallpapers start to get a bad rep, homeowners started to get theirs ripped. However, wallpapers are in again! The key to giving it a modern twist is to go for an updated pattern in smaller spaces. Flower wallpapers, in particular, are the most popular among present-day designers. Join the bandwagon and try going for a bold and vibrant two-tone pattern.

Disco Balls

These are probably the least expected to make a comeback, but it’s happening! There’s nothing else that screams the 70s than disco balls. Add these pieces in your living room or any active parts of your home for that fun, nostalgic vibes. If you don’t want to commit fully, disco balls can work not just as a décor piece but also as a lighting enhancement. Take fun photos of your interiors with this kind of effect.

Retro Appliances

The previous years have seen a surge in stainless steel appliances, as many homeowners associate these to a modern, high-end kitchen. The logic is that the more sleek-looking a piece is, the better. However, the showroom floors are now seeing more of retro appliance designs: replicas of an antique stove or even fridges that remind us of the 50s era. Add a touch of elegance and history into your home by choosing these design pieces.

When it comes to style, whether it’s in terms of fashion or home décor, everything good will come back into style. If you didn’t get a chance to incorporate these in the past, now’s the perfect chance.

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