Must-Have Equipment for a Thorough Tile Cleanup

February 27, 2019
man cleaning floor tiles

Most residential and commercial buildings nowadays have tile and grout floors. After all, tiles are the most durable, affordable, and eco-friendly option for flooring. Furthermore, they are chemical-, water- and temperature-resistant in addition to being hygienic. These properties make then the top choice for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets. Unfortunately, keeping tiles clean is not an easy task.

A mop, bucket, and broom might suffice for general tile cleaning at homes and offices, but a proper floor cleaning requires a lot more. Professional tile cleaning in Draper, Utah uses different machines which can do more than just general cleaning. They can be used to clean hidden spaces and remove tough stains. The techniques also prevent the growth of mold on your floors and enhance their longevity and shine.

The following are some of the machines and tools used by professionals for cleaning different type of floor tiles:

Buffing Machines

Buffers will vigorously scrub your floors to get rid of the dirt and grime which accumulate on them over time. These are large machines held upright with the cleaner behind them. Buffers are used together with grout and tile cleaners for better results. These cleaners are mopped across your floor and left to soak for some time before the buffing is done. Buffing machines will, however, use a lot of water, making the cleaning process a bit messy. As such, it is often used for cleaning outdoor tile floors which have a drain.

Jet Cleaners

These are equipped with several high-powered water jets across their head. These jets spin at high velocities to apply water directly to the tile floor. Most jet cleaners have inbuilt vacuum cleaners which get rid of excess water from your floors. Only mild floor cleaners and water are used with a jet cleaner to get rid of accumulated grime or dirt.

Steam Cleaners

woman using vacuum cleanerThese work like jet cleaners but use pressurized steam instead of water jets for scouring tiles and removing dirt and debris. Most steam cleaners have inbuilt steam and HEPA vacuum cleaners, allowing them to offer a complete tile cleanup. Though a bit pricey to rent, steam cleaning can be used on all types of tiles and is an eco-friendly option since it wastes no water.

Rotary Tools

These are considered the best choice for cleaning tiles. They suit all types of tiles and have various attachments for different cleaning tasks. However, they are generally used for removing small grout stains which need to be touched up for the section to match surrounding floors. They will remove the stains using a similar scrubbing technique to that used for buffing.

Cleaning tile floors sounds like something that can be done with a simple brush and the chemical solutions found in stores or mixed at home. Most of the chemical solutions will, however, strip the covering off your floor and cause it to crack. The above mentioned machines are your safe and guaranteed option for a shiny and clean tiled floor. Fortunately, hiring a professional cleaning company equipped with these machines and the expertise for cleaning tiles is inexpensive. So, all commercial establishments and homes can afford their services at least once a month.

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