Kitchen Renovation and Other Worthwhile Home Upgrades for Retirees

July 6, 2019
A modern kitchen

Most people plan to spend their twilight years in their own homes so planning home improvements makes sense. A kitchen renovation, home office, or even an easier entryway comprises some of the worthwhile upgrades.

The cost of renovation depends on your location. For instance, a low-budget kitchen remodeling in Kansas City may cost between $10,000 and $15,000. You could spend this amount on wall and cabinet repairs, sink replacements, and new tile installation. Most homeowners in the city spend around $8,400 for small projects while custom work can increase the price up to $30,000.

An Upgraded Kitchen

Older people have more trouble with moving around the house. Once you decide on a budget for a kitchen renovation, focus on making it more accessible. You could adjust the height of countertops to keep items within reach just in case you need to use a wheelchair. Take note that completing a mid-range kitchen project may take at least six weeks. A smaller project should only take less time.

You may have to secure permits if you need to tear down walls and expand the space, which would prolong the construction and planning time by up to three months. Make necessary preparations for cooking and storing food during the downtime.

A Suitable Home Office

New retirees often struggle with the extra time on their hands when they no longer come to work. Consider a home office addition that doubles as a study room. Use this space to do a part-time job to augment your income, or simply do a hobby that you’ve put off for so long when you were younger. Invest in proper lighting fixtures — not only in the home office, but also anywhere else around the house.

A Redesigned Entrance

Aside from making common areas wheelchair-friendly, you should also rethink the entry and exit points in your house. Doors inside the house should be easy to open and close, and those should be wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through. You should redesign walkway in front of your house into a straight and flat surface as much as possible.

Other Worthwhile Improvements

Bar in new luxury home, complete with chairs wine glasses, beer, and new cabinets

Simple additions to your bathroom such as a grab bar and handrail won’t cost a lot. A variety of styles of designs also allows you to choose one that will complement the interior. If you cannot afford a walk-in tub, you can adjust the flooring of your shower to remove edges and prevent the risk of slipping in the process.

Another basic replacement involves lever-style faucets instead of knob-style variants. Weak and shaky hands can make it hard to use the shower or sink. Homeowners who live in homes with two or more stories should transfer the bedroom on the ground level. A first-floor bedroom prevents you from walking up and down the staircase.

Even if you end up spending your retirement in another place, a home renovation can increase the resale value of your house. You can use the money to live somewhere else, although most seniors like to stay close to their family and friends.

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