Transforming a Bedroom into an Industrial-Themed Interior

May 23, 2023
modern bedroom design
  • Industrial interior design style incorporates raw, unfinished materials to create a modern, edgy look on a budget.
  • Popular amongst millennials looking for something unique.
  • Incorporate concrete countertops and floors, metal accents, minimal decor, exposed light bulbs and pipes, neutral colors with pops of warm metals, and stone/wood accents.
  • Fun and rewarding experience to create a stylish industrial-themed bedroom on a budget.

Are you ready to give your bedroom a brand-new look? If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry- you can still achieve an industrial-themed look without breaking the bank. The industrial design incorporates raw, unfinished materials to create a modern, edgy look. Here are some tips and tricks for creating an industrial-themed bedroom without spending a lot of money.

What is Industrial Interior Design

The industrial interior design style is all about creating an open and raw space that feels unpolished. To achieve an industrial style, you must use raw materials like exposed brick, metal, and wood. Concrete floors can also help pull off the look. Though it may sound daunting, the industrial style is perfect for a practical and functional home.

While the industrial style seems to go with more excellent colors – black, white, and gray – incorporating rich pops can add warmth and interest without detracting from the overall style’s vibe.

The Rising Popularity of Industrial Design

man cementing the wall for industrial deisgn

Believe it or not, industrial design has become increasingly popular over the past few years. The style is known for its ability to create a modern and sophisticated look without blowing your budget. Plus, it’s versatile enough to work with any type of room, from a cozy bedroom to an office space.

Most millennials are now looking for a style, unlike anything they’ve seen before. This is because they are trying to create a unique space that reflects their individual personality. The industrial design offers the perfect blend of modernity and uniqueness – two factors millennials crave more than anything else.

Tips for Incorporating Industrial Design into Your Bedroom

Thankfully, it’s easy to incorporate industrial design into your bedroom without spending much money. Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve the perfect industrial look:

Concrete Countertops and Floors

While costly materials like wood can be associated with luxury for some, raw concrete is perfect for the industrial look you’re going for. Polished concrete floors might be costly, but if you’re looking to save on floors, check out concrete acid stains. These create a unique look while still being affordable and easy to install. Acid stains can be used to create a variety of colors and patterns, which makes them perfect for customization.

Use Metal Accents

Using metal accents is a great way to add an industrial touch to your bedroom. Metal is a critical industrial design element and can easily be incorporated into your room’s decor. You can easily find metal shelving units, picture frames, and even beds at a relatively low cost on online platforms like Amazon. It’s also worth checking out thrift stores or yard sales for vintage metal pieces.

Keep it Minimal

minimalist bedroom of a male

One of the hallmarks of industrial design is minimalism. Keep your bedroom uncluttered and opt for clean lines in your decor. This will help create an industrial look and make your room more spacious. Invest in a sleek, modern bed frame and keep your bedding simple and understated.

Exposed Bulbs and Pipes

Another hallmark of industrial design is raw materials and exposed infrastructure. Incorporate this style into your bedroom by exposing your light bulbs and pipes. You can also use scaffolding or pipes to hold up your bed if you don’t want to buy a costly frame. Getting some wall sconces or bare bulbs to light up your room. You may also want to consider installing a few pieces of raw wood or metal to add texture and interest to your bedroom.

Use Neutral Colors

Industrial design is characterized by the use of neutral colors like beige, brown, and black. Monochromatic schemes with a focus on contrast can make a space feel sleek and modern. To add some warmth to the overall scheme, try mixing in pops of warm metals like copper or gold in your accessories. If possible, try incorporating stone and wood accents to create texture.

The Bottom Line

Designing an industrial-themed bedroom on a budget can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the tips and tricks above, you can quickly achieve the look you want without breaking the bank. Remember these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a stylish and modern industrial-themed bedroom.

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