How to Give Your Bathroom an Upscale Vibe with Inexpensive Tiles

February 4, 2019

While in the middle of a major bathroom remodel and after investing in various bathroom fixtures and whatnots, you find that there’s not much left for covering the tiles for the floor and the walls. Don’t panic. Before you go ahead and hyperventilate, below are excellent tips and tricks for selecting and using tiles that will make your bathroom room high-end minus the hefty price tag.

Make your bathroom floor the centerpiece

“Bathroom floors usually eat up smaller spaces than bathroom walls, so consider using a chunk of your tile budget on your flooring and choose more affordable tiles for your walls,” advises a well-known tile flooring manufacturer in Irvine. Make the floor a statement piece by creating a design with bold visual interest. Opt for patterned tiles with the same design or for those with different designs, for textured tiles, or for colorful tiles.

Keep it classic

Opt for classic monochrome or neutral tiles for your bathroom walls and floors so that your expensive bathroom accessories and fixtures will stand out. Pick tiles that have minimal variation and movement to further highlight accessories and fixtures. With this look, you don’t really need expensive tiles considering that you go with a color tone that will seamlessly blend in with all the other color tones in your bathroom.

Make a patterned accent wall

Big Bathroom

Pick a wall that you want to be the center of attention in your bathroom and adorn it with patterned tiles. For example, you can go with the first visible wall upon walking inside your bathroom, behind your vanity, or inside your shower. You can just tile half of your accent wall if you want to highlight a certain bathroom feature, like a bathtub or vanity for instance. Keep the remaining wall and flooring simple so as not to compete with the feature wall and keep your costs low.

Go black

If your bathroom accessories and fixtures are dazzling white, go for black tiles on your walls and floors for that sophisticated and dramatic effect. This will also make certain that your bathroom accessories and fixtures will pop. When using all black tiles everywhere, vary the sizes for a more balanced look. Use a medium-sized tile, for instance, with just a hint of texture and movement.

Consider subway tiles

These popular tiles are making a huge comeback, and they are traditionally installed in the standard brick pattern. For an updated and contemporary look, however, apply the subway tiles in a vertical pattern, a chevron pattern, or diagonally. You can likewise consider pairing white subway tiles with colored grout to highlight and accentuate each tile while also creating an effect that’s grid-like. In addition, subway tiles now come in a plethora of colors, finishes, and sizes. The prices vary according to where they’re manufactured, the finish, the color, and the size.

With these no-nonsense tips and tricks, you can also give your bathroom that high-end look without going over budget. Just remember that the key is how and where you place your tiles and which tiles will be suitable for your space and aesthetic.

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