High-Quality Kitchen Materials That Won’t Break the Bank

December 4, 2019

The kitchen is the busiest area of your home, so it’s surfaces are susceptible to staining, scratches, and all signs of wear and tear. When yours has already turned dull and unappealing, cooking and family hangouts in that space may begin to excite you less. That said, you should give it some love and restore its appearance.

Your beloved kitchen in Salt Lake City or any other area can use the help of experienced kitchen remodeling contractors. Their services will be beneficial especially if you’re on a budget because they’re experts on material selection; they’ll help you avoid buying the wrong items that may be cheap but poor in quality.

Here are the best yet affordable kitchen materials that you should consider for your project:


When going over your options, determine which ones are DIY-friendly, because those will save you money for professional installation. Also asses each material’s durability and maintenance; you’d better narrow down your choices to the tough and low-maintenance varieties.

Here are four flooring options for a budget-friendly kitchen remodel:

1. Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are durable, easy-to-clean, and affordable. High-quality versions of this tile can mimic wood and natural stone patterns, so they’ll appear more expensive than they actually are. They’re also long-lasting, especially when installed properly.

2. Vinyl

Luxury vinyl planks are the most DIY-friendly flooring option. Like ceramic, it can also mimic wood patterns, is low-maintenance, and resilient, but cheaper.

3. Laminate

Another DIY-friendly flooring, laminate also does a good job at imitating luxury flooring types. Note, however, that they aren’t the best for moisture-prone areas, and cannot be cleaned with a wet mop.

4. Cork

Cork offers some cushioning for the feet, hence it’s comfortable, though a bit pricier than the other three.



When it comes to countertops, granite and quartz will always be the best, albeit expensive. If you’re unable to stretch out your budget for either material, you can opt for solid surface, ceramic, or tile granite instead.

Solid surface is a non-porous material that can mimic the look of natural stone. It’s low-maintenance and easy to repair, although it’s not advisable to place hot cookware directly on top of it. Make sure to have potholders with thermal insulators to avoid damaging a solid surface countertop.

Ceramic countertops are also a crowd favorite. It’s basically also ceramic tiles put together on a countertop. The only downside of this material is the grout that can be easily damaged from moisture.

Tile granite would be your best option if you want to achieve a high-end-looking kitchen. If you install the tiles close together, you won’t need to apply grout anymore.


Laminate sheet backsplash is becoming popular in many kitchens. It doesn’t only provide aesthetic appeal but also protects the walls behind your stoves and sinks against the effects of moisture and hot liquid impact. Sheet backsplashes are also seamless, so you no longer need to apply grout and seal over it. It’s low-maintenance, scratch-resistant, and can mimic high-end materials.


Your new kitchen is not complete without some up-to-date lighting fixtures. Your options shall depend on your kitchen’s size and layout, but some versatile lighting types to consider are flush mount ceiling lights, brass pendant lights, clear pendant lights, industrial clamp lighting, and sconces. You can also place some decorative marquee lighting just to add personality to your kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling projects need not be overly expensive, as proven by these high-quality and affordable materials. Remember that cheap doesn’t always mean low quality, and expensive doesn’t always guarantee superior durability. Be smart when choosing the materials and the contractor for your project.

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