Feeling Messy? Why Not Declutter?

April 23, 2019

Feel like your house has too much stuff? Lacking space in your closet? Finding things you’d rather donate than keep? It’s time to declutter.

Decluttering involves organizing your belongings by deciding which to keep and discard. The process clears up your home quickly. In some cases, it also helps clear up your mind.

Decluttering Makes Moving Easier

Move out of your house in Ogden and move into your apartment in Davis. Leave your Boulder loft and take up space at a co-op in Telluride. Whatever route you choose for your living situation, you’ll still end up employing a move out/in cleaning service to take care of your former or future residence.

Cleaning services help prepare your old and new living space. What they don’t do is decluttering. Chopping down your belongings to the essentials can simplify your next move out/in.

Get a real fresh start by getting rid of baggage, unwanted furniture and clutter, unworn clothes, and the like. Assess the emotional value of each item. You don’t have to get rid of your books if you know you’re going to read them again in the future, or if you’re going to modify that special jacket to fit you. Donate items to charities, recycle, or sell your stuff—any way you want it, each method benefits you.

Find Lost Treasures

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It’s inevitable that you find treasures and special belongings when you start clearing out your clutter. Childhood toys that can be passed on to the next generation, clothing that is still fashionable today, snail mail that holds familial significance—you name it, it’s been found during spring cleaning.

Literal treasures have also been found while cleaning. Old or current cash, in the form of bills or coins, have been found under cushions and old greeting cards. Valuable antiques such as snuffboxes and jewelry boxes have also earned several homeowners a big amount. Ancient family jewelry has also been uncovered through deep cleaning.

Prevent Diseases and Mold Growth

There’s no denying that clutter-free homes tend to be more relaxed and comfortable. Other than improving mental wellness through clearing space, getting rid of objects that can promote the growth of bacteria and mold will prevent diseases.

Clutter can create an environment that can turn a house into a hotbed of fungal growth and pests. Old pizza boxes, juice boxes, and takeout containers in a hoarder’s home become palaces for roaches. Mold can exacerbate health problems such as asthma. Cleaning can improve health conditions for homeowners.

Declutter Your Mind

Just like your home, your mind needs decluttering every now and then. Refurbishing your physical environment can aid the act of clearing your mind. In some cases, helping othersremove unnecessary or excessive items from their homes or offices can help relieve their anxiety and other mental disorders.

Hoarders are an extreme case of people who need help with cleaning, in addition to seeking professional help. While you may not have the same concerns as hoarders, clearing your place can provide you with the same mental benefits. A clean, organized physical environment can soothe restless minds, improve concentration, and remove external stimuli that could worsen a person’s mental health issues.

There’s no way around it: decluttering is a chore. The benefits of accomplishing this chore, however, can outweigh the work put into it.

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