What is the Most Effective Way to Create a Focal Point for a Living Room?

July 12, 2021
modern minimalist living room

In design, a focal point is typically the area to which your eyes will immediately be drawn. The focal point will captivate your guests when they got your place. It is the place that draws more attention than any part of the house.

A focal point can be a huge glass window overlooking your scenic backyard, your fireplace, artworks, and it can also be your furniture setup. What are the focal points you can choose? Read on and find out.


You don’t have to purchase the most expensive art piece to make it your focal point. You can always buy cheaper alternatives online or commission an artist to paint a one-of-a-kind art piece for your living room if you have the budget.

When you buy the cheaper alternatives, you can buy more art pieces and design them like a wall gallery. Artworks don’t necessarily mean paintings, and you can also get sculptures and ceramics. Be creative in choosing the perfect art pieces for your living room and make them a reflection of you.


Sometimes, a plain white wall just doesn’t cut it. Bare walls can be sophisticated, but at the same time, they can be a drag. Try to spice up your walls with fun wallpaper. Experiment with bold colored wallpapers or get wallpapers with fun patterns. If you are a laidback person, go with neutral-colored wallpapers. There are many wallpaper designs out there, and the best part of it, you can always change it anytime you want.

Structural Element

Structural elements can also be your focal points; these include a well-designed fireplace, stone walls, and oversized windows. If your living room has beautiful structural elements, you can work your way around it by buying furniture and art that suits the space. You can style your living room based on the structural elements, be it a contemporary living room, a minimalist living room, a traditional living room, or even a modern living room.


When choosing the furniture, go with something that suits your living room. Before purchasing your furniture, make sure you have a floor plan and want your furniture to be placed. Otherwise, if you don’t have a floor plan, the furniture you purchase will not be of good use or will not suit the living room style, and it will just go to waste.

living room


Try experimenting with accent pieces to your living room to add character. There are different accent pieces you can incorporate into your living room space.

  • Rugs

Accent rugs can enhance the living room. They are simple, and they can add color to a neutral living room.

  • Throw Pillows

Add some throw pillows on your couch. Experiment with the designs, and don’t be afraid to add pops of colors to them.

  • Accessories

Don’t be afraid to accessorize. This is the most fun part of designing your living room. These decorative pieces will bring character to your living room.

You can incorporate placing candles, lamps, vases, baskets, fishbowls, and even a gold bar cart with a bottle of wine and a wine glass.

  • Antique Pieces

Go to yard sales or antique shops to find some pieces you can add to your living room. These statement pieces have stood through time; although they are expensive, owning something vintage can enliven your living room.

Play with how you want to style your room with these decorative pieces. If you play the piano, you can even add in a grand piano.


Choosing the correct lighting will set the tone or mood of your living room. One type of lighting you can use, especially for a living room area, is ambient lighting. Ambient lighting, also called general lighting, enhances the feeling of warmth and the coziness of the living room.


At the level of technology these days, most people read things on their Kindles or iPads. Some people still prefer traditional books. But whether you read books or not, having a bookcase can add more style to your living room. Style your bookcase with different levels of shelves. Then add pictures, accessories, and your book collection. No matter what style your living room is, a bookcase can be turned into a lovely focal point.

Your living room is an area wherein you can lounge and hang out with your family friends. You don’t have to spend so much money on interior designers. You can experiment and mix & match until you feel like your living room has the best focal point.

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