Effective and Cost-Efficient Alternatives For Your Office Expansion

January 5, 2019
Modern office space with white walls

It’s a fact that a company’s workflow, efficiency, accessibility and space allocations are all factors that can improve your employees’ performance and your business’ effectiveness. Relatively, these factors are all dependent on your chosen company venue. Ample space for your enterprise is so important that even your business address can add to your company’s reputation, profit and loyal customers.

However, if you’re in the middle of expansion plans and your office space is limited, here are practical suggestions for maximising your square footage without tearing down the walls or any similar kind of major renovations:

In Living Colour

The right colours can affect the perceived size and overall atmosphere of your office. Light or pastel colours can give the illusion of spaciousness while creating a cool and vivacious feel. Dark shades, on the other hand, tend to absorb more light making the space seem smaller while creating a warmer atmosphere. Once you’ve decided on the best hues for your office, maximise these cool colours by installing led lights or allowing more natural light in to illuminate your work areas. Adequate lighting always adds volume to any space making it airy and roomy. Also, the right amount of light allows your employees’ eyes to relax while in the middle of their long work hours.

Form Follows Function

Modern industrial workplaceReplace large office fixtures and bulky work furniture with multi-functional and even transformable items. For storage, utilise unused spaces such as corners, ceilings and even under office furniture. You can purchase DIY shelves, racks, drawers and other similar storage units that can fit into the aforementioned areas, or have these personalised by professional carpenters or cabinet makers. Walls could also be fitted with hanging cupboards, panels or racks for more stowing options. You can take it a step further by installing a mezzanine if your office space sports a high ceiling. This will work wonders for your expansion by housing a whole department, service area or even an executive or conference room.

Keep It Clean

Clutter creates a cramped feel to any room no matter how large it is. This goes double if the area is dirty and disorganised. Train your employees to clean as they go and keep their cubicles, spaces and tables orderly and spotless. Create a rewards and points system so you can award the tidiest and cleanest department and offer special prizes to your neatest and most organised employee. Contact a reputable and efficient cleaning company to cleanse and sanitise your work areas at least once a month. Also, hire experienced pest-control experts for a quarterly or semi-annual visit. Remember, a fresh and hygienic office will always feel expansive and comfortable.

For employees, being able to work in a venue that’s conducive to one’s health and visuals can do wonders for their performance and efficiency. For the owner of the company, having a motivated and capable staff along with a well-organised and ample business space increases the firm’s reputation, profits and productivity. Either way, both your company and personnel will benefit from your office improvements, so all the effort and money you’ve invested in your upgrades are truly worth it.

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