Designing the Bathroom: A Guide for Newlyweds

July 1, 2020

So, you’ve just tied the knot and are thinking of the best things that await you and your spouse. As newlyweds, you dream of having the nicest things you can afford. These include a new house where you will start building your family.

Owning a house is one of the biggest dreams of couples, especially those who are planning to raise a family. And when it comes to designing the house, the kitchen and the bathroom usually get the most attention. The bathroom, in particular, becomes the reflection of the couple’s personal taste and design preferences.

Here’s a guide to help you design and build a bathroom that will keep you comfortable and will wow your guests:

Be creative

Your life as a newlywed couple will be as colorful as your dream bathroom could be. You and your spouse can be as creative as you want. Get some inspiration and use your imagination to achieve the look and feel you want.

If you think you can’t handle the job on your own, consider hiring a professional. An expert will give you design ideas and recommend some ways to make the design and construction process easier. The pros can also bring out your creative side by encouraging you to follow your heart.

Mind your space


While it’s good to long for a big bathroom because it’s every couple’s desire. Imagine how convenient it is to use a spacious bathroom where you can move freely and easily. But that doesn’t mean you will neglect the other parts of your house.

The size of your bathroom will depend on the total size of your house and the amount of floor space available. It doesn’t make sense if your bathroom is too big while the other areas of the house are cramped.

Easy on embellishments

It’s tempting to put everything you can think of in your bathroom. These include bathroom essentials, vanity cabinets, drawers, mirrors, a lavatory, a Jacuzzi bathtub, or a shower with heater. As much as possible, resist the temptation and just put the most important things in your bathroom.

An interior designer or a supplier of toilet essentials can help you choose which items to include in your bathroom design. When shopping for bathroom supplies, always aim for a balance between function and aesthetics. The result will be extraordinary. Also, buy only high-quality items to make sure that they will last for a long time.

Go for simple and neutral

Simple is beautiful and when it comes to bathroom design, less is more. Many experts recommend using neutral colors for the walls and flooring, as well as abstract wall art for the décor. Most people also prefer bigger mirrors to make the bathroom look more spacious.

Avoid bulky items, as these will make the bathroom cramped, which will keep you from moving freely.

Preparing your home is a way to start your life as a married couple. Work together to achieve the results you want for the house that you will design and build.

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