Facility Management: Cost-saving Ideas to Consider

August 6, 2021
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If you are a facility manager or building maintenance professional, it is your responsibility to grow and maintain proper working conditions in the workplace. You cannot expect the employees of your business to work safely if your building has proven to be unhealthy or unsafe in any way.

As the property manager, it is also up to you to ensure that your company benefits from all types of cost savings. You should consider better facility management such as implementing energy-efficient solutions, upgrading systems and processes, training staff members about new regulations concerning health and safety, implementing the right tools for cleaning services and contracting companies, among other things.

Sadly, many facility managers do not take advantage of the cost-saving ideas because they do not know where to start. Here is a list of cost-saving ideas for facility management in the UK. Hopefully, after you have read through it, you will develop other ways of increasing your company’s profits.

Increase Energy Efficiency in the Workplace

One of the first cost-saving ideas that facility managers should focus on is increasing energy efficiency within their building and all systems and structures such as walkways, windows, ventilation, and heating. Doing so will save your company money as you will not have to consume more energy due to faulty systems or ways of working.

You can decrease energy consumed by installing motion sensor lights, energy-efficient light bulbs, reflective windows, and other energy-saving techniques. It is also essential to keep in mind that you will be saving your company money and the environment.

You can further improve workplace energy efficiency by surveying whether your office space and facilities are adequately insulated. If not, it will be necessary to contact professionals who can install the proper insulation for your building.

You should also think about replacing old or inefficient equipment such as old windows, machinery systems, and even computers that run less efficiently.

Finally, some facility managers choose to support green initiatives within their company, such as using energy-efficient machinery, solar panels, or reducing their carbon footprint. These initiatives may cost you a little extra upfront, but they will eventually save money in the long run.

Install the Right Kind of Roof Material

Corrugated roofing has been used for roofing for years. Today, they are considered one of the best roofing solutions available because they provide excellent protection against fire and rain. They are cost-effective and easy to install. They are also straightforward to maintain because you can patch them up if needed without replacing the entire roof.

Facility owners who want to build a ranch-style house with an open, flat roof will find the corrugated roofing sheets ideally suited for this purpose. This type of roof is designed to be laid lengthwise on a top, so they need no additional support. The sheets have many short ribs that fit together to form grooves, which extend across the entire width of the sheets.

The short ribs are also corrugated and fit into matching depressions on the sheets to form a water-resistant seal. It is perfect for making a quick and lasting roof. It gives you an inexpensive, attractive solution to any flat or low-pitched roof.

Implement Green Building Materials and Practices

Every facility manager and anyone in the design or construction of a building should consider cost-saving methods, such as using renewable materials. Try not to use any building materials that can contribute to the effects of climate change, such as waste products from fossil fuels. For example, you can include environmentally friendly insulation or even expand your facility’s recycling program.

Also, make sure that all your facility’s building services meet the necessary standards for green buildings. This means using sustainable lighting and products like environmentally friendly cleaning agents or construction materials. For example, if you need to build a new structure or renovate an existing one, use energy-efficient windows and other energy-saving devices.

By implementing greener measures at work, you are also sending out the message that it is essential to look after the environment no matter what business you are in. Your employees will be more aware and mindful of environmental issues as they spend more time in your building.

Another way to save money on energy bills is through buying energy-efficient equipment and appliances. For example, you can decide to invest in LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones as they last longer and produce more light per watt than their counterparts.

Companies can also purchase a new facility management system such as the TESPA building management system. This new technology provides buildings with energy-efficient lighting, temperature control, and ventilation systems, significantly benefiting facility managers everywhere.

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